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Cloud solution to better handle Lenso’s client management and business processes and drive organisational efficiency.

About the client

Lenso Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of optical measurement solutions, provided by GOM company, in Poland.

An experienced and competent team of engineers provides assistance in selecting the appropriate measurement system, machine presentations, implementation and support. Additionally, Lenso conducts training in the field of 3D metrology.

GOM systems are successfully used in quality control, development and production departments around the world, mainly in the automotive, aerospace and research units.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

Lenso Ltd. approached us because they needed a solution to better handle their client management and business processes.

What was needed most was a place to store the information about their relations with clients, a people-oriented IT solution.

You immediately understood our needs and had the necessary knowledge and skills in-house, to provide us with what we needed. What also distinguished you was your professional approach towards clients, willingness to cooperate and, most importantly, your engagement. It is a combination of these things that made Future Processing stand out from the crowd and over time, as the cooperation continues, we can say that we are happy we’ve made that decision.


Tomasz Danyluk

Board Member, Lenso Ltd.

Solution we delivered

Scope of work

We delivered a rich tool in the cloud, within an affordable, easy-to-use cloud solution designed to help Lenso Ltd. drive organisational efficiency while helping to improve customer experience.

Some of the things we’ve implemented are listed below.

Relationship Manager

In case of Lenso Ltd., it is used to create relationships between the client, the industry, products, and applications.

Customisable Identifier Kanban

A feature used to manage the queuing of to-do tasks for a specific user.

Dedicated Sitemap

A feature used to mark only the elements that are vital and used by the client on a daily basis.

Google maps-based Identifier

Displaying each client’s address, map and a list of nearby hotels with their availability at a given time.

Account Hierarchy Building

A visualisation with a built-in option enabling the preview of dependency tree between clients.

Personalised Dashboard

To see the most important things on one dashboard, e.g. tasks or clients and their activities, for the entire company.

Apart from delivering the solution, we adjusted it to the optical measurement solutions industry, in which Lenso Ltd. operates. Each of the available entities is custom-made and specific to the environment in which GOM’s products are being used. The biggest advantage of such a solution is the possibility of adding elements that are automatically and immediately visible.

The software delivered by Future Processing not only made our daily job easier and more organised, increasing information flow within our company but was also delivered in a cost-effective way. What is more, the processes of customer service are more systematic, since employees are guided through the execution of each task. It is definitely a better model of cooperating with our customers and we have full control over it (…). Now we can build long-term customer relationships that are personalised, proactive, and predictive across marketing, sales and service delivery.


Tomasz Danyluk
Board Member, Lenso Ltd.
We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

To help Lenso Ltd. increase productivity, we took advantage of the fact that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online works together with Outlook through a plug-in, making our client’s daily work much easier.

Using the task box allows Lenso Ltd. to store information about the to-do tasks. This intuitive solution helps our client focus on what’s most important – delivering excellent customer service.

It is also possible to offer post-sale support since the product gathers historic data about contact with a given customer and gained visibility into past and planned customer interactions and communication.

We have also conducted training for our client, to show them a range of possibilities that the product offers and help them make the most of it.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation. What we are particularly satisfied with is that you took the initiative and suggested a Microsoft CRM solution that was tailored to our particular needs. Thanks to that, our daily job was made easier – now we have all the necessary tools in one place, which greatly increases our productivity and allows us to focus on what’s really important, which is nurturing customer relationships. We remain impressed with your diligence and feel that we can fully trust you to get the job done right.


Tomasz Danyluk
Board Member, Lenso Ltd.

Used in the project

Is it the end?

Looking to the future

We still remain a consultant to Lenso Ltd., implementing new functionalities and offering support whenever necessary.

As far as the future is concerned, we definitely plan to continue the cooperation with Future Processing. Not only we can count on your support when necessary, but we also plan to work on a new project, intended to increase communication and transparency between our CRM system and the one used by GOM.

Tomasz Danyluk
Board Member, Lenso Ltd.

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