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Providing a self-organising, highly scalable team of competent engineers to increase the development capacity.

About the client

Neyber has been included in KPMG’s list of the top 100 fintech companies, recognised as Ethical Financial Services Provider of the Year at the Money Age Awards.

Neyber, an award-winning fintech, partners with employers to support their workforce’s financial wellbeing with access to financial education, savings and affordable, salary-deducted loans – all at no cost or risk to the employer.

The company became the first alternative lender to be accredited by the Lending Standards Board and has also been recognised as one of the top 50 most disruptive companies in the UK by Real Business and won “Benefits Innovation of the Year”, at the Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards.

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Our collaboration

Flexible approach

In July 2017 Neyber was looking for a partner with the competencies necessary to increase the development capacity and speed up the rollout of their products using a variety of leading-edge cloud-based technologies.

We were able to show operational agility by scaling the team up and down, depending on Neyber’s changing business requirements. First as a team of five, we reached over 20 people working on three different projects. Once the first milestones were achieved, we smoothly scaled-down, wrapping ourselves around our client’s needs.


people on our side working together in a team


projects we worked on for Neyber

Solution we delivered

We built together

We are proud to be working with Neyber because our organisations are truly aligned – both our companies aim to create solutions that empower people and make a positive contribution to human life.

This was seen in the project which was a portal aimed to improve financial awareness and educate people on how to manage their money better. It allows access to guides with tips on how to be better-off and tools such as an easy-to-use savings calculator, built to give a clear picture of one’s finances.


Business Analysis

Machine Learning

IT Security

Technical Consultancy

Beyond software development

We deliver more

We proved our technical expertise by helping with Business Analysis and proactively agreeing on the requirements, trying to find the best answer to address Neyber’s business challenges.

We also shared our knowledge, recommended solutions and helped with Neyber’s innovative software by verifying the business value of new technologies, such as a Proof of Concept with Machine Learning.

Building a long-lasting relationship, it was necessary for us to become a self-organising team that required the minimum need for client management, following a mature development process based on ‘inspect and adapt’.

Compliance and security are very important to Neyber as a regulated business therefore, in addition to software development, our Security Team conducted a series of Penetration Tests.

We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

  • access to competencies going beyond software development, such as security engineers, technical consultants, machine learning specialists or Business Analysts,
  • gaining a long-term, trustworthy software development partner,
  • minimal need for client engagement thanks to a self-managing team,
  • operational agility allowing to rapidly scale the team up and down, depending on changing business needs,
  • predictable, high-quality delivery, allowing Neyber to make more dynamic business decisions,
  • successfully provided software development service.

Used in the project

Is it the end?

Long-lasting partnership

Our partnership started in 2017 and is continuing.

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