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NorthStandard 60

Core management system development and go-live with 0 critical defects

About the client

The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association Limited, now renamed NorthStandard and The Standard Club merged on 20th February 2023 to form a new single legal group called NorthStandard.

With headquarters in the UK, and offices throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, NorthStandard is one of the world’s largest providers of mutual maritime cover.

With over 390 million GT of owned and chartered tonnage on its books, the new club consolidates annual premiums of around US$800 million, employs over 700 people and brings together over 300 years of P&I heritage.


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Creating a core policy and claims system

A global marine insurer handling significant amounts of data needs a core management system that is reliable, efficient, and up-to-date with the latest technology.

Maintaining these standards is crucial so that it is easy to navigate and analyse key information covering transactions, enquiries, shipping operations, and more. North’s, now NorthStandard’s, previous system could not meet future business requirements, and our client was searching for a technology partner to rewrite it.

After reviewing the market, NorthStandard approached Future Processing, and our partnership, founded on mutual trust, lasts to this day.

Our role

Scope of work

Our role was to create a new core policy and claims system ‘QuayStone’ from scratch with state-of-the-art technologies.

Another task was to take care of a vast amount of data – its cleaning and migration. This task was particularly challenging because of existing data complexity and the scope of information stored in the old system but was ultimately overcome thanks to the skills of our experts and NorthStandard working together.

Software development

Data migration




Scrum Masters

What we did together

A core management system

Future Processing

The most important task was to develop a core management system that supports the business for our client, enabling the end users to work on great amounts of data.

The dedicated system covers key business processes and integrations with third party service providers. Data cleaning and data migration were also necessary for the system to be fully operational and to improve cost management.

NorthStandard’s new system went live smoothly in September 2022, and right now our expert development teams focus on delivering the refinements and additional functionalities according to the end users’ feedback.

Interdisciplinary teams

The team that delivers

We scale the teams as NorthStandard’s needs change – there are currently around 30 people working in four teams, this peaked at over 40 people. The developers are highly skilled and possess great domain and business knowledge which makes them a valuable asset for NorthStandard, as they are able to quickly grasp complex requirements concerning the new core management system.

We also engaged 3 Scrum Masters leading the teams, 4 DevOps specialists, and a Security expert who makes sure every stage of the project is safe thanks to regular audits and pentests. Our teams work closely with the client’s Business Analysts, who are invaluable when it comes to our developers’ needs and questions.


Main benefits of our partnership

  • smooth go-live of the new system with 0 critical defects thanks to the meticulous preparations and close collaboration between the teams – our client now has a bespoke system that is user-friendly, innovative, and based on the latest tech while enabling the end users to work on great amounts of data
  • gaining a long-term, trustworthy software development partner who takes care of the development and technical aspects of the project and takes initiative to improve the product as much as possible
  • high quality, predictable delivery based on Best Practices in Software Development and according to the client’s needs
  • regular feedback and catch-up meetings allowing for knowledge and insight sharing as well as for identifying and tackling various challenges together

Used in the project

IT professionals handpicked to address your needs

A whole team of talented software development engineers and specialists in chosen technologies waiting to work for your business.


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