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Our cooperation started in 2008. Over the years, we’ve grown from an initially small team to the position where we are now supporting various business units in Parkeon, in both transport and parking, for both the UK and France.

Our interdisciplinary delivery teams have developed and enhanced software for a span of platforms, from embedded software on Parkeon’s devices, through to back-office systems. Projects have ranged from minor improvements for particular Parkeon customers, through developing components of a mass transit solution on a new architecture, to providing support for developed solutions.

We are now a key partner of Parkeon, providing a significant software development capability. Parkeon has delivered solutions using a range of technologies, in order to meet the needs of their clients. Future Processing has been involved with all of these.

To date, there are around 10,000 buses in the UK equipped with Parkeon machines which contain software components developed by Future Processing. What is more, 5000 buses in Sydney are equipped with Parkeon’s Bus Driver Console running on software which also includes components developed by us.

Apart from the above, we have supplied the ticketing system as part of a prestigious city-wide scheme for Helsinki, including driver consoles, ticket validators, ticket vending machines, inspection devices and a comprehensive back office system.

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Our cooperation with Parkeon

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Parkeon has a presence in over 4,000 cities and towns, in 55 countries worldwide, delivering world-class innovative, intelligent transportation and parking solutions for cities on the move. The company employs over 1,000 people – all committed to creating and delivering effective, high quality, urban mobility and parking systems.

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