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Partnership to guarantee high quality delivery and further development of the existing online application.

About the client

Service Year Alliance is working to make a year of paid, full-time service a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.

The organisation is focused on ensuring that the recent expansions of national service are successful and set the stage for future growth of the field.

They identify opportunities for shared recruitment and data systems to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their sector. They also foster collaborative approaches to demonstrate the impact of service years as an experience that transforms lives, strengthens communities, and fuels civic renewal at scale.

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Business Challenge

High quality delivery

Service Year Alliance was looking for an IT partner who would guarantee high quality delivery and further development of the existing online application.

The collaboration started with three days of workshops at the Future Processing headquarters and two weeks of knowledge transfer to ensure that the engaged team fully understood the project. To strengthen the partnership and stay up to date with the development and business needs, we held frequent online and offline meetings with Service Year Alliance’s team.


user accounts on platform


certified opportunities

Service years transform lives, strengthen communities, fuel civic renewal and create pathways to opportunity for young people. They are given the opportunity to develop real-world experience as well as to gain valued professional and leadership skills. The experience helps young people of all backgrounds advance on career and education pathways.


Providing competences

The engaged team consists of developers, a quality assurance engineer, a team leader, and a UX designer. With these competencies on board, the application is adjusted to both Service Year Alliance’s and their customer’s needs.


UX designer

QA Engineer

Team Leader

It is a pleasure to work with the talented and hard-working team at Future Processing. We are grateful for their partnership, their dedication, and their impressive results.

Kristen Bennett
CEO, Service Year Alliance
Partnership that delivers

What we did together

As the collaboration continued, we built a strong partnership and gained trust. The development team is in close contact with the client through weekly meetings and there is an openness for discussion and exchanging ideas.

All these result in a friendly work atmosphere and delivering high quality results on time.

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