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Web app that supports managing and monitoring of construction sites that gave Solid Entreprenør a competitive advantage.

About the client

Solid Entreprenør AS is a multicultural construction company, which occupies itself mainly with building flats – from the project, through construction till interior design.

Because of their competence, specialisation and frequent home tours, Solid has become a preferred employer in the industry.

The company employs over 200 people, 70% of whom are Polish employees. The company has been impressed by their working morale for several years and asked them to look for a Polish company to handle their software needs.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

Solid Entreprenør AS used an old-fashioned paper checklist system with their building projects. This was extremely time consuming and inefficient for the person responsible for inspecting the building site.

Therefore, a need was identified to create an effective web application that supports managing and monitoring of construction sites, an Android app that is used to manage quality, aimed at people who work directly at building sites.

Future Processing not only did the development job but has also been important in understanding the business domain and the problems we want to solve. Involvement from the project manager and team leader of Future Processing has been really important to us.

Thomas Andre Magnussen

Quality Coordinator, Solid Entreprenør

Solution we delivered

Scope of work

The solution we are creating together facilitates the daily work of our client. It gives Solid Entreprenør a unique opportunity of documenting the deliveries and history in projects. This brings great value since now Solid Entreprenør can base preventing actions on facts instead of qualified assumptions.

Software Development

Quality Assurance

Mobile Development


Our collaboration

An intranet application

Solid Entreprenør is still working on implementing proper tools for measuring processes that our intranet application – Project Web 2 (PW2) has an impact on, but what can be said for sure, is that the solution prepared by Future Processing has increased focus on quality more than ever, allowing to achieve better quality with smaller expense.

Our system also integrates with Solid Entreprenør AS’ infrastructure – emails and attachments as they are now saved on the SharePoint platform which greatly improves quality and efficiency of work and provides easy access to information as and when needed.

Revisions in projects, from the authorities, now are a pleasant experience, as we know that correct use of this tool will satisfy their requirements, far beyond their expectations. This has been confirmed by several participants from both sides, and we see that positive rumours of our system are spread within and around those circuits. Again, this makes us not having to spend unnecessary effort in having to meet such requirements and gives us good confidence in these settings. It is not often these kinds of revisions lead to no findings, but every single revision in projects where the solution has been properly used has had exactly this outcome.

Thomas Andre Magnussen
Quality Coordinator, Solid Entreprenør
We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

Our partnership allows Solid Entreprenør to be more credible and the process of recognising a claim proceeds faster. It also helps improve control and effectiveness in the construction business. Solid Entreprenør can eliminate the mistakes faster and ease the process in projects warranty-phase overall, which makes their everyday work easier and more efficient.

We introduced a method that allows making and following notes so that it is easier to control the quality, report defects, track repairs and see the statistics – the client can easily report the claim, which is instantly visible in the system and therefore can be repaired faster. It is now possible for the company to handle their growth better and to maintain quality standards, which may be the reason why they are more often chosen by investors, as they are known as a trusted partner.

Future Processing seems to want us to succeed more than selling unlimited amounts of consultancy services. For instance, when looking at creating a new module, Future Processing asked us if we have checked the market for common solutions instead, stressing that developing in-house has its downsides.

The tool has increased focus on quality more than ever, all the way from the board, through project management, production and warranty. It also gives us a unique opportunity of documenting our deliveries and history in projects. This brings us great value, as we can base preventing actions on facts instead of qualified assumptions. Also, it eases our process in the projects warranty-phase overall.

Thomas Andre Magnussen
Quality Coordinator, Solid Entreprenør
Future Processing

Gaining competitive advantage

From the feedback that Solid Entreprenør receives, it is clear that using our software is better and more cost-efficient than using paper checklists. Thanks to our solution it was possible to introduce great improvements and reduce paperwork. More and more workers use the software on a daily basis thanks to easier access to information and more effective processing of claims.

This is reflected in being more frequently chosen by investors – since they are known as a reliable company, from design to finishing. Thanks to Future Processing, Solid Entreprenør was able to introduce systems that gave them an advantage over the competition and have been appreciated on the Norwegian market.


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