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Steer Davies Gleave

Steer Davies Gleave is the leading independent transport consultancy which has been investing in pioneering transport planning techniques and developing the skills of their specialist staff for more than thirty years. They enjoy a worldwide presence with 16 offices scattered over 4 continents.

Steer Davies Gleave found themselves in a position where their current intranet system was not meeting the needs of their global business. There was too much paperwork that required to be printed, completed and authorised manually which was time-consuming and inefficient.

We were approached by the Client for a review of their existing intranet. We started from a visit to their offices and workshops leading to specification of functional and non-functional requirements.

Our work resulted in 5 new intranet modules adapted to the internal needs and processes of the Client. These cover: ordering business cards and couriers, cleaning, accident reporting and print and reprographic requests.

Written in Office 365 for SharePoint Online, the modules integrate with the Client’s current intranet solution and have been designed in a way which will enable an easy switchover to Sharepoint Online in the future.

The modules have considerably reduced the amount of tedious and time-consuming administrative work, freeing resource time through a reduction in paperwork and process automation.

I would definitely recommend Future Processing to other clients. We’ve had a valuable insight into SharePoint potential and what you have achieved through this within your own company. The project undertaken for SDG helps us record important compliance information (Health and Safety), monitor costs (print, couriers, business cards) and suppliers (cleaning and maintenance). The reports provide important statistics and having automated processes for simple requests makes certain administrative tasks much easier to complete for staff. We hope this is first of many processes to be automated and we hope to be working with Future Processing soon again.

Krystyna Adamek, Continuous Improvement Manager

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