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A code readability and component audit for updates, security and licences of seven applications used by 2-3k users at Volkswagen.

About the client

Volkswagen Group Polska (VGP) is the official representative of the Volkswagen Group in Poland.

Volkswagen Group Polska operates in the field of distribution of new cars, spare parts and accessories and assures compliance with legal requirements for their placing on the market.

VGP is highly engaged in the development of electric mobility, offering customers on the Polish market the latest generation of electric cars and shaping public awareness.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

In order to be best prepared for the audit, we visited our client to get to know the business background of the product and to make a preliminary code review.

The audit’s goal was to verify the systems in terms of widely understood IT security.

3 weeks

necessary to deliver real value to the client

2k - 3k

everyday users of applications

Solution we delivered

Scope of work

Our task was to audit seven applications provided by an external company in the following areas:

Code readability audit

Components audit
for used licenses

Component audit for updates and security

Future Processing is VGP’s technical consultant thanks to which their IT department feels safe when making decisions regarding key systems.

We add value

Main benefits of our partnership

  • an audit that did not interfere with the daily work of VGP employees and was carried out on time and tailored to client’s needs thanks to regular teleconferences,
  • report from the audit we conducted, along with software evaluation,
  • recommendations regarding possible technical and procedural improvements,
  • VGP has gained a technical consultant who will help in making decisions regarding their key systems,
  • working with specialists with a high level of technical knowledge,
  • value for the client visible after only three weeks of partnership.

Used in the project

To deliver a high-quality result that answers the client’s needs we used PHP.

Make the most of your system

Ensure your system is developed with respect to industry standards and protect the future of your business’ most valuable assets.


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