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Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Quality Assurance engineers are an integral part of each project team and are present at every stage of software development.

We believe that this focus on maintaining the highest quality is our core strength.

It is widely acknowledged that removing software defects is much cheaper in the early stages of the development cycle. That is why quality cannot be added at the end of the project; it needs to be verified and validated continuously.

In fact, research shows that one of the three main reasons for the success of a project is maintaining a high level of quality throughout its duration.

Cost of correcting bugs:

Cost to correct bugs


Our Quality Assurance team uses testing as well as specific methods and techniques adjusted to fit into the development and management processes. This makes our teams cross-functional and more efficient by having complementary roles.

Our Quality Assurance specialists (such as Test Managers) assigned to the project have a significant influence on the overall project result. This might include proposing new functionality or solutions, which could be of a greater appeal and benefit the end user.

Also, when testing software we always take on an individualised approach; tailoring the processes to each Client and project. Our engineers work closely with our developers in order to speed up bug reports, bug fixing and verification. They also test the software throughout by doing manual as well as automated testing in order to:

  • verify the functionality based on acceptance criteria and how it meets business requirements
  • review how the modules interact with each other,
  • review how usable the software is,
  • assess how well the software performs and how secure it is.

To highlight our passion for all things to do with quality, we organise the Quality Excites conference which each year attracts speakers and experts in the field.  They, like us, are enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge.

Quality Excites

But our initiative doesn’t stop there. We want to get more and more people passionate about quality. That is why in 2014, in collaboration with the University of Silesia, we devised and launched our own specialisation – Software Quality Engineer. It is taught at the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science and it is the very first qualification for Software Quality Assurance in Poland.


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