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Performance is one of those things you notice only when something goes wrong.

However, it’s then often too late to undo the damage. This is why performance analysis is a vital part of software development at Future Processing.

We test it on every level – from the code to the user interface.

Our performance testing involves considering how software should behave under a particular load, what are the limits of the system, and what will happen if they are exceeded.

We always provide our customers with specific and practical reports containing suggestions and ideas on how the performance can be improved.


  • Identification of performance acceptance criteria
  • Monitoring of the health of the system
  • Provision of realistic data
  • Validation and verification of the system against performance acceptance criteria
  • Capacity planning
  • Estimation of the system throughput and scalability
  • Continuous monitoring of matrices and measurement of change influence


  • Check your current system performance and capabilities
  • Identify bottlenecks in the system
  • Offer continuous performance testing
  • Run performance testing in a cloud
  • Provide you with tools for real-time performance monitoring
  • Analyse and optimise database requests
  • Predict how your system will behave under bigger loads
  • Choose the best tools to analyse your system
…and much more!


  • Increase in revenues
  • Optimised applications
  • Averting application or system failures
  • Awareness of product performance limits
  • Readiness for unexpected load increases
  • Ability to profit from increased load
  • Predictability of system behaviour under load and stress
  • Failover testing


  • Baseline, load, endurance, stress and spike testing
  • Testing of all application tiers
  • Result analysis to develop solutions


We support our clients in incorporating performance tests into the life cycle of their projects through:

  • Project analysis and information gathering
  • Process planning: metrics, environment and tests
  • Preparation of tests & scenarios and environment set-up
  • Building performance monitoring solutions
  • Incorporation into Continuous Integration


  • Apache Jmeter (and customised extensions and plug ins)
  • Compuware APM Gomez
  • HP LoadRunner
  • IBM Rational Performance Tester
  • Cloud solutions for test distribution

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