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Security is about risk management. It is a process, not a one-time event.

That’s why we pay attention to security from the earliest stages, since addressing it later is not only more expensive but can also be ineffective.


We are focused on high quality security audits and do not rely solely on automated tools.

According to the 2016 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report [1], around 429 million identities were exposed to risk. Such attacks have an unquantifiable and negative impact on customer’s confidence and brand value.  What is more, Symantec discovered more than 430 million new unique pieces of malware in 2015, up 36 percent from the year before.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) claims that fixes done during the design and implementation phase can be 30 times less expensive than the ones performed after the release [2]. Thus, close attention to the security development lifecycle can help reduce the total cost of development.

Also, the time spent on post-development bug fixes, incident response and customer service is greatly reduced.


Figure 1 – Relative cost of security fixes, based on time of detection (after NIST)


A member of our team is in the top ten on the Top Hackers list, published by HackerOne [2nd place in April 2014]. The list is continuously updated and is comprised of people who found the largest number of security bugs in company websites and software available in the program.

This proves that Future Processing has built a strong team of security-focused engineers. Their responsibilities include, among others, providing security testing services and training. Should you require an extra security focus on your project – we have the people to take care of it!

Our work is tailored to our Clients’ needs and can be adapted to changing requirements.


  • Security Architecture
  • Secure Development Lifecycle (MS SDL, OWASP SDLC)
  • Source Code Audits
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Systems Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mobile Applications Security Design and Testing
  • Proficiency in ASP.NET, PHP, Java EE
[1] Symantec Internet Security Threat Report.
[2] SDL Helps Reduce the Total Cost of Development.

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