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Ruby on Rails

By choosing Future Processing as your software partner in Ruby development, you can save time and benefit from skills of our people, who know the framework throughout.

The Ruby framework is based on Model-View-Controller pattern that allows separating data, logic and appearance of the website. It is written in a scripted, fully object-oriented Ruby language. It includes, by default, a lot of useful tools and ready-made structures, such as HTTP server, ready libraries to connect to databases, or send e-mails. The functionality of the framework can be easily extended thanks to plugins (gems) and automatic generators. The configuration is limited to minimum at the cost of default, recommended practices.

Ruby can be used in order to quickly create websites and web applications, providing your company with the solution to your architectural problems.

Among applications we’ve built in Ruby there are, for example, ones aimed at facilitating the comparison of gas, electricity and fuel prices between energy suppliers, in order to improve and support functioning of energy price comparison service.


  • Ruby
  • HTML
  •  JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • CSS
  • ERB, ARB, Haml
  • Yaml, XML, JSON, CSV, XSLX


  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • Apache and Mod_passenger
  • Delayed_job, Cron
  • Client Side Validations
  • Active Admin
  • SASS/uglifier
  • jQuery
  • Capistrano

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