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Autumn full of conferences in Future Processing


Experts from Future Processing (FP) don’t slow down. In October, we had a chance to take part in .NET Developers Days, 6th Employer Branding Forum and Motorola’s internal event — Motorola Agile Swarming 2016.

Yet another edition of the .NET Developers Days is behind us. In the agenda participants, could find lectures from world renowned experts like Jon Skeet or Ted Neward. Our expert, Michał Dudak, attended it as well and he gave a lecture entitled ‘How to .NET All the Things’

During my lecture, I presented methods of code-sharing on multiple platforms that support .NET technology. I focused on the most recent and still being dynamically developed Microsoft’s idea – .NET Standard. I described how stands behind it and what changes result from its implementation.

We also shared our knowledge during 6th Employer Branding Forum, where everyone could participate in the debate ‘HR and Marketing – partners or rivals in the process of building the brand’. One of the invited guests was Elżbieta Barczyk who, along with the Events team at Future Processing, is responsible for organising and promoting our events like Deadline24, Quality Excites, Future Dev Day or DPTO.

As Elżbieta said:

Our initiatives fit nicely into the agenda of this year’s forum because they are the result of work of multiple departments within FP and recently followed into a recruitment direction. I had a chance to talk about how the FP’s grass-root initiatives transformed into events popular in Poland and on an international scale. I also emphasised the substantial aspect of our events and their role in the process of building an image of a reputable employer.

Future Processing boasts its training division, FP Academy, which supports employees’ engagement as trainers. As of today, there are 75 of them, among others: Karolina Trzcionka, Delivery Manager and Małgorzata Dec, Employee Relations Specialist, who also share their experience outside our walls. They are both certified coaches who took part in Motorola’s internal conference, Agile Swarming 2016, where they gave a lecture entitled ‘Pimp your team! Coaching in Scrum Master’s job’ and conducted  a workshop with the same title.

As Karolina and Małgorzata say:

Coaching helps the team skilfully use the acquired knowledge and maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships. As part of our lectures and workshops, we wanted to make coaching more familiar and show how to competently use its tools in the daily work of a Scrum Master. We explained it on specific examples and tested the tools that help leaders and their teams  achieve a higher level of self-organisation and maturity.

Don’t worry if you missed it – you will have a chance to participate in their lecture during SpreadIT conference which will take place on the 19th of November, 2016 in Gliwice. Future Processing is a partner of the event. The registration is still open, so hurry up!


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