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Future Processing helps to revolutionise the sharing of information in the NGO sector


We are proud to announce that BRIDGE – the project we ‘ve been working on, together with four founding partners Foundation Centre, Global Giving, GuideStar and TechSoup – launched a search tool. Now it’s possible for anyone to find an organisation’s BRIDGE Number that identifies it as a unique social sector entity.

This launch is an important milestone for the world of impact measurement, philanthropy, and nonprofit and social enterprise performance. Ultimately, the BRIDGE project aims to revolutionise information sharing in order to better understand the flows of philanthropic dollars and thereby enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector.

Just to remind you, Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) assigns non-governmental organisations (NGOs), NGO programmes and projects and other social sector entities with a unique ‘numerical fingerprint’ in order to identify themselves and more easily share information about their social impact, financial performance and effectiveness.

With just under 3 million BRIDGE numbers already registered, the initiative aims to help the sector enhance transparency and better understand the flow of philanthropic funding.

We were a fundamental partner in the development of the database, and helped resolve the issue of duplication of data. Future Processing developed a complete solution, integrated in the Amazon AWS cloud, enabling the storage and deduplication of millions of organisations already on file.

As for now, international charity organisations market didn’t have a specified set of rules on identification of non-profit organisations. Future Processing’s solution identified 540,000 duplicates in total, refining the 3.3 million BRIDGE users to a verified pool of 2.7 million.

The work was funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Google, Inc.

 Future Processing was pivotal in the success of the BRIDGE project — until now, there was no basic building block from which to create this information system. It’s our hope that BRIDGE will help partners, donors and NGOs find and understand each other more easily, and create a more accurate and holistic picture of what’s happening in the nonprofit and international development sector for all. We look forward to extending the scope of the system in phase two of the project with Future Processing’s help.

Shane T. Ward, Senior Director of Technology, Data and Architecture Strategy at GuideStar

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