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Future Processing partners with Microsoft to deliver technology solutions for smart cities


With more and more cities, including Polish ones, starting to introduce smart technologies to benefit their citizens, Microsoft’s CityNext initiative, now supported by Future Processing, aims to empower municipal authorities in optimising the management of the city to become more efficient, safer, healthier, more educated, and more sustainable places to live and work.

United Nations predict that by 2050 urban areas will be inhabited by 66% of world’s population. This means that the current 3.5 billion people already living in cities today will rise by a further 2.7 billion. As such, finding new methods of supporting authorities in city management, which can deliver both citizen-centric services and economic and social opportunities at scale, is becoming increasingly critical.

Wojciech Życzyński, Microsoft’s Sales Director for the Public Sector in Polish branch, said:

Progressive development, including the Internet of Things trend, transforms cities into communication mediums. Therefore, the data generated by citizens can be interpreted in order to look for ways of modernisation, savings and enhancements of the quality of life in cities. We believe Future Processing’s IT solutions can help us deliver these improvements as the needs of cities now and in the future continue to change.

City 3.0

Thanks to CityNext, cities can tap into the solutions included in Microsoft’s portfolios and innovate at their own pace, deploying real-time solutions. This may transform their infrastructure; engage citizens and businesses; accelerate their economic development and environmental sustainability.

To further develop this initiative, Microsoft has signed a strategic partnership with Future Processing, which will see our IT solutions for the healthcare sector, intelligent water supply systems and others find their place in Microsoft’s portfolio of Smart City solutions.

Our CEO, Jarosław Czaja, commented:

Technology changes the world we live in and lets us solve our everyday problems. Intelligent monitoring system that reacts to dangers or a system detecting waterworks failures on its own are just a few examples of solutions that years ago seemed impossible and now are being successfully implemented in cities.

These solutions allow us to use the infrastructure more effectively as well as react faster to emergencies. Thanks to technology we, citizens, can lead safer, more convenient and cheaper lives.

As the increase in urbanisation results in new challenges, we hope that working with Microsoft will empower us to help cities address what’s next in shaping their future.

Wojciech Życzyński added:

Creation of smart city may, of course, happen gradually – starting with urban centres prioritising their needs and transforming the most important areas first.

Cities with a vision

Cities included in the CityNext programme are: Auckland (New Zealand), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Hainan Province in People’s Republic of China, Hamburg (Germany), Manchester (England), Moscow (Russia), Philadelphia (USA) and Zhengzhou (People’s Republic of China).

The initiative was also discovered by innovative Barcelona. This Spanish town effectively uses cloud services and applications to streamline their administration system, contact their citizens and guarantee an efficient flow of information.

It is all possible thanks to OpenData BCN platform aimed at sharing important and relevant information with the public. It works in Windows Azure and gathers enormous amounts of data on city’s life — such us population density or unemployment level. Citizens of Barcelona can download ‘bigov Better City Indicators’ application from Windows store and, based on the data, they can make important decisions like choosing a place to start a business or finding houses.

As the increase in urbanisation results in new challenges, we believe that working together will empower us to help cities address what’s next in shaping their future.

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