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Future Processing starts first in Poland Quality Assurance specialisation


University of Silesia, together with Future Processing, has launched a new specialisation – Quality Assurance. It was established at the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science at University of Silesia under the name Software Quality Engineer, as the first in Poland. The lecturers from Future Processing are, among others, Piotr Podskarbi and Kasjan Kotynia.

The idea of creating such innovative specialisation first came to mind in 2012: “It was the result of joint discussions at various meetings, such as the numerous guest lectures and workshops related to good practices of software development, which were organised by Future Processing” – said prof. PhD. Urszula Boryczka, head of the Department of Algorithms and Computational Intelligence and chief of the specialisation.

Before the specialisation started, in the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014, Future Processing funded a computer lab for students. The lab is equipped with modern computer workstations, office chairs, and multimedia equipment, allowing for a variety of classes. All of it is done to help students get used to their future work and existing standards.

Preparing the specialisation was possible thanks to Daniel Dec and other members of our team, whose ambition was to create a program, which will be as cross-sectional as possible. “While creating a framework of lectures, we tried to include a lot of practical elements, to support a solid, theoretical foundation. As a company, Future Processing is up to date with the latest trends in quality assurance. That is why, while preparing the program we included the issues, we believe are the most important. I am confident that hard work connected with the knowledge transferred during the specialisation will be enough to apply for the position of QA engineer in a software company.” – said Daniel Dec.

Łukasz Kempny adds: “The Role of QA engineer is becoming increasingly important in today’s IT projects because companies are paying more attention to the quality of delivered solutions. This trend also means that the demands for the position of QA engineer are getting higher.

Classes, stationary and non-stationary, are held on MA level at the Department of Computer Science and Materials Science at University of Silesia in Sosnowiec.

“Some students have already had contact with the process of software development, it shows that the demand for QA is growing” – said Kasjan Kotynia. Piotr Podskarbi adds: “I am under the impression that the lectures are attended by students, who are very interested in the topic of QA. They recognise the usefulness of the subject in practice, though the lecture is just the beginning of what we can teach them.”

Engineers at Future Processing not only teach about quality, but also maintain it on a daily basis, at every stage of software development project. You can read more about our approach here.

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