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Future Processing wins the ‘Best Silesian Internship’ award


Once again companies offering the most interesting internships have been recognised in the ‘Best Silesian Internship’ contest organised by the University of Silesia. The title of the Best Internship Provider went to Future Processing (FP).

The gala took place on 23rd of February at Goldstein Palace in Katowice. Winners have been chosen out of 41 contenders.

This is another award for Future Processing. Following our win in 2014, our offer stood out once again from other IT companies due to its educational character and thought-provoking content.

We’ve been providing internships since 2012 and keep improving them. We aim to prepare students for the first steps in their technological careers, however, most of all, we wish to infect them with a passion for programming. We try to share our knowledge and teach them both technical and soft skills that will make the beginnings of their careers easier. This award is extremely important for FP and motivates us to be even better.

Daria Sobaszek-Dębska, Marketing Specialist at Future Processing

FP’s internships consist of 256 hours of training and are suited to participants’ needs. Under the watchful eyes of trainers, interns learn good practices of software development, as well as teamwork, rules of communication and creative thinking. Classes take place in an IT Lab specially designed to cater to students’ needs. There are lectures, workshops, presentations, individual and group training, mixed with discussion panels and consultations with specialists.

Every year we provide interns with a theme. Recruitment to this year’s edition starts on 13th of March and has a central theme of ‘Save the Planet with Future Processing’. Interns will have to work in a crisis centre to save a fictional planet Sustrar 77 from an environmental disaster. They will have a chance to work on a variety of interesting tasks that will test their creativity and unconventional thinking.

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