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IT Leadership Insights launched

IT Leadership Insights

Future Processing has launched a new online programme – IT Leadership Insights.

IT Leadership Insights is for CIOs and senior IT executives who struggle with meeting their business’ needs with current IT and are considering nearshoring as a solution. The programme aims to share knowledge and ideas related to nearshore outsourcing to allow executives to establish and maintain collaborative and successful working relationships with their technology partners.

The hosts of the programme, Jarosław Granat and Michał Grela, will speak to the industry’s leaders to gain their perspective on outsourcing, IT and business and get them to share their insights and advice.

Jarosław Granat, who apart from hosting the show is the Head of Client Engagement at Future Processing, said: “It is fantastic to be able to talk to other individuals experienced in the IT industry and get their opinions and advice on different areas of IT and business. My role will be to get as many insights as possible for our audience to fully benefit from the programme.”

In the first episode of the programme which has already been published and is available on the StartNearshoring portal, Jarosław talks to Mark Aikman, the CEO of Ignition Transformation and the UK’s Top100 CIOs for 2017 about building long lasting relationships with IT outsourcing vendors.

IT Leadership Insights will be available on the StartNearshoring portal both as a video and as a podcast. Avid podcast listeners will also be able to access the podcast on their favourite audio player, including Spotify, Soundcloud, Podbean, Stitcher and TuneIn.

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