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Quality Excites and Quality Meetup win as the best testing events in Poland!

Wygrana Quality Excites i Quality Meetup

Portal ‘’ led a poll to choose the best testing events of 2016. We are happy to announce that both our events: Quality Excites and Quality Meetup took 1st places in their categories!

We can proudly say that Quality Excites conference took 1st place in the ‘Best free conference in Poland’ category. We competed, among others, with SkładQA and Test:Fest.

This is not all though, because ‘Quality Meetup’ was also acknowledged and took 1st place in ‘Best Local Event’ category. It surpassed, among others: ‘KraQA’ and ‘Girls Who Test’.

Just to remind you, Quality Excites is a conference organised by Future Processing. It is addressed to people, who take active part in software development processes and who care a lot about quality. Whereas Quality Meetup is a series of meetings organised from time to time in our office in Gliwice.

Readers of have been picking the best testing events for 4 years now, and year by year Quality Excites and Quality Meetup gain more recognition.

Thank you for your support in this year’s poll!

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