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ROI in IT Projects Report

Benchmarking returns on technology investments

Are you curious about how ROI can be quantified in IT projects? Specifically, how do technology investments impact various IT businesses, and what kind of returns do they bring? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, you are in the right place.

We have prepared the report that combines results from over 180 online questionnaires, supplemented by a short case study in which the process of calculating ROI from technological investments is described. We combined these insights with industry-leading ROI experts’ opinions on how to measure ROI and how it impacts their business.



What will you find in the report?

The ROI in IT Projects Report is an almost 90-pages long study including the following:

  • ROI in practice and why measure it,
  • the challenges of ROI and when to calculate it,
  • who measures ROI in organisations and how they do it,
  • significant factors contributing to improving ROI,
  • traps and pitfalls of ROI and much more!


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Knowing ROI for your technology investments is crucial to getting a full overview of your financial picture. However, there is a significant skills gap in the market in this area, which makes it difficult to quantify this accurately. Therefore, we have put together this report, to explain how organisations approach measuring ROI in their IT projects and establish benchmarks in terms of returns on software development initiatives within different organisations.

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Why did we do this report?

At Future Processing, we’ve run hundreds of IT projects since 2000. As tech practitioners, we always encourage our partners to evaluate technology investments to gain a deep understanding of their business impact. Taking into account the financial picture of the software context is a valuable, yet often too complex practice which gets easily overlooked.

Via the ROI in IT Projects Report, we bring together a cross-industrial experience and challenge status quo in order to educate the industry about the importance of measuring the actual impact of your software-related endeavours.

If you want to learn more about measuring ROI and implementing it in your organisation – contact us.

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