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AI & ML Services

Aggregate knowledge in one place, and benefit from automation opportunities given by technology.


The synergy of science and technology

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering high quality software solutions and providing AI & ML development services for various industries.

Together we can transform your ways of working with ground-breaking technology, optimise the costs and processes and let your business benefit from innovation.

AI & ML Consulting

Explore the business opportunities given by AI & ML development services and get recommendations on how these cutting-edge technologies can answer your business needs.

Business Value Hypothesis Exploration

Problem Approach Recommendation

Model Success Measures


ML Readiness Assessment


AI & ML PoC Development

Create an interactive PoC of your AI or ML product, verify your idea on an early stage of development and make data-based decision on your investment.

Generative AI Workshop

Discover what Generative AI can do for your unique business thanks to our comprehensive and concise, 4-hour workshop.

Solution Delivery

Build your AI & ML solution and infrastructure with experienced engineers and scientists. Embrace innovations to automate and optimise business.

Predictive Maintenance

NLP – chatbots

Recommendation engines

NLP – sentiment analysis

Image analysis


Getting you from vision to reality

We listen, advise, design and deliver world-class, user-friendly IT products for clients in an agile way. How? Through our project experience and collective knowledge, we have established our way of bringing value to our clients. See for yourself:

  • Strategic Analysis


    a set of recommendations leading to a high-level solution plan

  • Planning & Design


    a product development plan

  • Solution Delivery


    a market-ready product made with users in mind

  • Managing & Innovating


    an approach of constant innovation for your organisation’s agility

"What we like most is the quality of development and well-tested product.

Apart from that we always get good advice on implementation and design of the product. The stable management of a team leader at Future Processing’s side is very important to us as well. Future Processing provided us with an expert level of skills across the project and was proactive in working out the details and suggesting innovative solutions and enhancements. Our collaboration has been very good.”

Erik Futtrup Director of Development, Trapeze Group Europe

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