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AI & ML Consulting

Explore data-based business opportunities with external Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) scientists.


Benefit from AI & ML

Our team consists of experienced AI & ML engineers and academics.

Combining the worlds of technology and science generates the opportunity to look at your project from multiple perspectives and draw the most effective conclusions.

Here’s how we can help

  • Business Value hypothesis exploration – analyse collected data in the way that brings best value and profit to your organisation.

  • Problem approach recommendation – analyse your challenges and receive recommendation on the ML or other technology solution that best fit your organisation’s needs.

  • Model success measures – check the parameters of your existing ML solution and optimise its possibilities.

  • Audits – get high quality information on your current ML or AI solutions, make proper business decisions and fully benefit from your systems.

  • ML readiness assessment – assess your existing infrastructure and gathered data in terms of the readiness for implementing ML solutions.

  • Training – train your internal team on how to gather data and benefit from the ML solutions used in your organisation.


We provide expertise in:

  • Predictive maintenance

    Benefit from AI possibilities and improve your fleet management and predictive resource consumption.

    Draw your knowledge from data.

  • NLP – chatbots

    Create a chatbot for your organisation and enjoy this AI feature implemented in messaging application.

    Optimise your customer services.

  • Recommendation engines

    Increase revenue by combining customer wants and needs with your offer.

    Rise sales and improve customer retention.

  • NLP – Sentiment analysis

    Engage specialized AI solutions and benefit from natural language processing and text analysis.

    Improve the quality of your communication.

  • Image analysis

    Analyse images, pull conclusions and forge solutions from your image assets.

    Draw knowledge from visual materials.

  • Timeseries

    Gain insights into your application behaviour and identify business occasions.

    Adapt your business model to changing requirements.

What will you get?

  • Access to highly competent specialists who will share their unbiased opinion and knowledge with no need for recruitment on the early stage of work

  • Lower risks and better ROI thanks to data-based decision making

  • Knowledge on opportunities and challenges related to AI & ML solutions

  • High quality documentation with recommendations and planned project milestones

  • New ideas for innovation in your company and exploring possibilities of smart organisation


AI & ML delivery framework

Even though we approach each project differently and create custom AI & ML solutions, we have one framework when delivering them. 

Learn about our delivery framework

    After the consulting phase you receive documentation, recommendations on technology and competences, enlisted milestones of the project as well as opportunities and challenges. All this information will help you make better, data-based decisions.


    “Let's face it. Improving your products with ML/AI can be the next big step for you or a push to the edge if done blindly. Entrepreneurship is risky, especially when you want to move your business to a new and exciting direction. Lower the risk, avoid disasters, make educated decisions, and grow smarter with leverage provided by experts.”

    Szymon Szymański Engineering Manager, Future Processing

    Methodologies & Technologies

    We deliver software solutions in these ML fields:
    Visual Computing NLP/NLG/NLU Timeseries Chatbots
    Chosen methods we can engage in workshop within the consulting services:
    Product Analytics Solution Prototyping User Research Usability Testing

    Let's talk

    Leverage your business with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
    Get in touch and explore your data-based business opportunities with experienced AI and ML scientists.

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