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AI & ML Solution Delivery

Delivering robust Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for your business.


Access to needed competences

We deliver complex AI & ML software solutions and engage all the needed competences from business analysis, through Cloud, Data, Security to support your business.

We care about your organisation’s success and we provide advice on the best technology to be used in your product’s development.

We provide expertise in:

  • Predictive maintenance

    Benefit from AI possibilities and improve your fleet management and predictive resource consumption.

    Draw your knowledge from data.

  • NLP – chatbots

    Create a chatbot for your organisation and enjoy this AI feature implemented in messaging application.

    Optimise your customer services.

  • Recommendation engines

    Increase revenue by combining customer wants and needs with your offer.

    Rise sales and improve customer retention.

  • NLP – Sentiment analysis

    Engage specialized AI solutions and benefit from natural language processing and text analysis.

    Improve the quality of your communication.

  • Image analysis

    Analyse images, pull conclusions and forge solutions from your image assets.

    Draw knowledge from visual materials.

  • Timeseries

    Gain insights into your application behaviour and identify business occasions.

    Adapt your business model to changing requirements.

Our framework

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering high-quality software solutions and providing services that bring high value to our clients.

Even though we approach each project differently and create custom AI & ML solutions, we have one framework we follow when delivering them.

  • Stage

    Use case design

    The “Use Case Design” wave oversees the foundational building and base design of AI & ML endeavors and their subsidiary processes by answering what problems should be solved and how to solve them.

    • Business problem design

    • Business value design

    • Model training approach recommended

    • Customer value designed

    • Data strategy designed

    • Ideation and scoping designed

    • Benchmarks research done

  • Stage

    Data Access and Engineering

    The “Data Access and Engineering” wave contains steps relating to data checks, preparation, and collection. Data collected by modeling is quality-checked and analyzed to contribute to process validation and optimisation.

    • Data audited and recommendations delivered

    • Data improvement plan designed

    • Data training set preparation

    • Data preparation good practices training

    • Model selection session

    • Data collection conducted

    • Data quality check conducted

    • Final data splitting, validation and optimisation conducted

    • Possible outcome updated

  • Stage

    Model Delivery

    The “Model Delivery” wave covers model development, testing, output alignment, and delivery, ultimately culminating in a prototype design. Data insight collected from the modeling contributes to improvements.

    • Pre-trained model availability check conducted

    • Model / Algorithm selected

    • Model testing delivered

    • Model validation delivered

    • Data insight conducted

    • Personas designed, interviews with shareholders and users conducted

    • First prototypes designed and tested with target users, design ready

  • Stage

    Model Monitoring and Management

    The “Model Monitoring and Management” wave addresses subsidiary details prior to implementation and revisits ROI and TCO. Management plans and improvements are designed around the model and front end processes are implemented.

    • Manual prepared

    • Model monitoring and management plan designed

    • Model monitoring and management plan approved

    • Team competencies analysed and plan prepared

    • ROI and TCO revisit

    • Model improvement

    • Front end and processes implemented

    • Training session for users and customers

    • Ongoing model quality improvement and plan implementation

  • Stage

    Application Development

    The “Application Development” wave consists of final app development for front end, CX, and UX. Final evaluations and insights translate to feedback prior to full production deployment.

    • Front end, CX, UX continous development

    • App tested in real life scenarios, with real data in controlled environment

    • App evaluation. Final insight and report

    • Feedback incorporation

    • Full deployment


“You have a bulletproof vision, and it's backed up with knowledge. Next stop - turning it into reality. You don't have the technical backbone to kick-off or available resources to engage in the project? Or are you just kicking off your million-dollar business and can’t be everywhere at once? Whatever it is, we've got you covered.”

Szymon Szymański Engineering Manager, Future Processing

What will you get?

  • AI & ML solution and infrastructure with no need of internal recruitment and engaging your resources

  • Automatised and optimised processes

  • Strengthened competitive advantage

  • Selected AI or ML model/algorithm based on the data requirements, model validation and tested prototypes

  • Improved efficiency of your resources, better flow of communication and optimised costs

  • Knowledge to make data-based decisions and lower risks in project development

Azure Solutions Delivery

Tools we use

Some of the tools we use:

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