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Cloud Consulting

Ensure systems and components work together seamlessly to meet your overall business objectives.

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What we cover

Regardless of the stage on your cloud journey, we advise, analyse costs, design, optimise, modernise and migrate. We help you and your organisation maximise the potential of cloud by choosing what’s optimal for you.

Cloud requirements analysis

A consultant identifies your business context to determine cloud requirements of your organisation. They conduct interviews with stakeholders, review documentation and present your organisation’s cloud requirements built into business process flows. Finally, they propose the optimal cloud provider, explain potential challenges and risks, and present concrete benefits that will apply to you.

Cloud Native solution design and development

Get a design and implementation of a Cloud Native solution with an approach that works best for you. From serverless, PaaS and SaaS, through containerisation, together we’ll pick what’s best for you. And if you need hybrid cloud or IaaS, we can help with that, too.

Cloud migration strategy

Migrations are challenging and by supplementing your team with cloud experience and skills, you’ll be able to overcome these challenges. Get help with a strategy and roadmap for your cloud migration – which we can do by either moving from on-premises to cloud with ‘lift and shift’ or by modernising your systems towards Cloud Native.

Security risk analysis

From analysis of business risks, through compliance (e.g. GDPR), to processes supporting data warehouses, we’ve got it all covered. Major cloud providers guarantee the highest levels of security, but your weakest link is often the human. We know how to introduce adequate standards and policies to address all your cloud security concerns.

“We’ve always been impressed by the thoughtfulness and problem solving they bring to make sure we achieve business goals.

They also have the bigger picture in mind; if we ask them to do something, they don’t hesitate to point out potential ripple effects we hadn’t considered might negatively impact our AWS costs or other business functionalities.”

Kevin Conroy Chief Product Officer, GlobalGiving

Why work with a Cloud Consultant?

As discussed in our research – the 2021 How to get the most out of the Cloud?’ Report – benefitting from the Cloud requires expertise and the right services configured appropriately. To ensure a smooth and cost-beneficial transition, you need to employ an experienced partner. This will:

  • Help you reap the benefits of the Cloud, like the ability to scale while your business grows, achieve better time to market, organisational agility, or the ability to leverage the newest valuable technologies

  • Help you make informed decisions in the early stages of migration

  • Help you learn how to make the most of the Cloud in the long term, not only here and now

  • Provide employees with a better understanding of how to manage cloud systems in-house

Cloud Consulting by Future Processing

“Cloud is now a natural course of events in the technology world. The big shift is happening as we speak and to transform digitally and remain competitive, organisations must follow course.”

Michał Depta Principal Software Engineer, Future Processing

Partnerships with AWS and Microsoft

We have been an AWS Partner and a Microsoft Partner since 2007.

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