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Cloud Operations

Minimise the risk of incidents, increase security, efficiency of services and improve the safety of your organisation – all thanks to CloudOps.

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A-Z CloudOps services

Optimise and improve the performance of your Cloud infrastructure with our full Cloud Operations offering.

Cloud Infrastructure Architecture

Want to be Cloud Native or take the first step into cloud? We’ll take your requirements and come back with an optimal design of your new infrastructure – one that is efficient, cost-effective and generates fewer incidents. This often results in cost savings with improved performance, greater availability of service and a smarter use of your resources.

Cloud Infrastructure Auditing & Security

Ensure security of infrastructure and user identity as well as adherence to legal requirements and good practices. We inspect your infrastructure for its compliance with standard (e.g., ISO27001), GDPR, best practices and your data processing/security policies. The outcome is improved security of mission-critical services and enhanced protection against attacks as a result of uncovering security loopholes and access issues.

Cloud Infrastructure Support

Ensure business continuity, availability and capacity of your cloud infrastructure. We provide managed services – advanced third line support and maintenance of your infrastructure with SLAs for response & resolution times. Apart from maintaining and resolving, we implement modifications and execute updates to your infrastructure. All this to give you peace of mind that your cloud services are secure and available.

Disaster Recovery in Cloud

Begin to trust your infrastructure in its ability to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster. Get our experts to implement Disaster Recovery with regular testing of backups and High Availability (HA) mechanisms. This means better security through minimised risks of data breaches, higher availability of your services and servers in case of issues, and full regulatory compliance.

Cloud ROI Assessment

Did you know there are cases when Cloud infrastructure is NOT the most cost-efficient solution? Find out what’s best for you and get a Return of Investment (ROI) assessment of all your infrastructure options, along with the analysis of ROI over various specified time periods. A small investment in calculations can mean large savings for your organisation.

"Future Processing Cloud Ops team provided an excellent service.

They rapidly assembled a team who got to grips with the challenge, formulated a plan and conducted the infrastructure migration seamlessly. This was a critical project for us with a compressed timescale and they also took the opportunity to review our Azure subscription and significantly reduced our operating costs. It was a pleasure working with the team on this project.”

Philip Vaughan Program Director, TrustMark

Why introduce CloudOps?

CloudOps helps organisations ensure their Cloud infrastructure supports high-level business objectives. But there’s more:

  • Full compliance with best practices and standards – including ISO27001 and GDPR

  • Better security and protection against attacks

  • Well planned-out, efficient, scalable infrastructure

  • Higher availability of services and infrastructure

  • Cost savings resulting from optimisation of the infrastructure

  • Automations to cut the amount of the manual labour


“CloudOps has become a real business enabler helping organisations ensure their infrastructure supports overall business goals. It helps them cultivate agility by streamlining workflows and creating a seamless infrastructure experience. CloudOps is now moving from a power tool to an absolute must have for all modern organisations.”

Adam Gaca Vice President of Cloud Solutions, Future Processing

Partnerships with AWS and Microsoft

We have been an AWS Partner and a Microsoft Partner since 2007.

Discount on licences and subscriptions

As a Microsoft Partner we can offer discounts on Azure services and all Office 365 licenses as well as support with all Microsoft products.

As an AWS Partner we can offer discounts on AWS services, support from AWS architects, and – upon approval from AWS – contribution towards some of your costs from the cloud provider.


Microsoft-certified – level Expert

Our Solution Architects are Microsoft-certified within the following areas: AZ-104, AZ-303, AZ-304, AZ-500 and MCSE.

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