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Product Strategy

Gather knowledge and set direction for your product with your goals and values in mind.


Complementary activities

Product strategy is a set of activities that help define and confirm your goals and support the decision-making process.

This selection of complementary elements is crucial in your product’s development as they, if well applied, set the best and most valuable direction of your solution.

As your technology partner we can provide you with all the elements needed to build a consistent product development strategy, design it and build it as a scalable solution. We’ll be your advisors and personally responsible consultants focused on great quality in providing ultimate value.


Define your vision

Product Strategy Consulting

Consciously manage the development of your product from the earliest stage. Answer your needs with well-used technology that brings best outcomes.

Product ROI Assessment

Ensure your product is being designed and developed with strategy metrics in mind on cost efficiency cloud infrastructure. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the best value from your investment.

Product Transition

Run your transition in the structured and smooth way. Follow our framework built on years of experience to ensure soft landing in this demanding project.

Growth Strategy

Adjust your software product to growing needs and generate new revenue streams. We’ll support your growth strategy and design a scalable, innovative software product or service.

Market Research

Make informed decisions, build your business model and revenue plans. Draw from information gathered and synthesised by our inhouse analysis and research team, take part in specialist workshop and supercharge your decision ability.

Research & Development

Take part in R&D phase adjusted to your strategy and your form of documentation. We can provide you with competences needed on various stages of product development from research to implementation.

Rapid to Market

Test the market’s reaction to your new product and turn your idea into reality faster than other companies. Benefit from your competitive advantage thanks to rapid to market software solutions.

“Future Processing is extremely committed to quality.

They make it work for the client and product. I have never had a sense that there is another agenda or interest at play. Their team will talk through our needs and see what we’re trying to accomplish. They offer different solutions but are always happy to run with what is best for us as an organization. It’s about putting the best product out there.”

Kristen Bennett CEO, Service Year Alliance

What will you get?

  • Recommendations and a roadmap to delivery that will guarantee the highest value of your final product

  • Quick identification of your goals, KPIs, challengers and solutions

  • Higher probability of your product’s success as you follow knowledge not assumptions

  • Access to specialists and a consultant who is a personal driver for your product and its end-to-end delivery

  • Improvement of your processes with competent strategists and software engineers who provide irreplaceable information at the concept stage


Example output

Take a look at the example output of product vision and strategy workshops.


"Product Strategy serves a similar role to a GPS device in your vehicle. Why would you want to start your long journey without having it planned first?"

Mike Zamarski Senior Business Analysis Consultant, Future Processing

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