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Security Development Lifecycle

Build secure software, address compliance requirements and reduce development cost.

cybersecurity future processing security development lifecycle sdl

More secure and cost optimised

SDL is a development process that helps the development team to build more secure software and reduce development cost through addressing compliance requirements. It is a process, not a one-time event, aimed at optimising software security from the earliest stages.

Security consulting

Consider security and privacy concerns early, build more secure software and address compliance requirements. Minimise the need for costly changes in later stages of the project.

Continuous pentesting through development

Uncover and fix potential vulnerabilities in your system with experienced, personally responsible engineers. Check your system manually and with automatic tools whenever needed.

After implementation

Check the security of your application after implementation and adding new features. Ensure adjustment to compliance requirements and prove the best security quality to your clients and partners.

Security support

Handle incidents whenever they happen, guarantee the stability and security of your tech product and infrastructure. Keep your software’s security up to date after delivery to protect your organisation.

What will you get?

  • Security and architecture design requirements for your project

  • Secure coding guidelines

  • Configuration of your security static analysis tools

  • Threat modelling and risk analysis for new requirements in your project

  • Constant security verification and consulting during delivery process

  • Incident response process

“Future Processing gave us a lot of confidence, both in the structure that they operate and in the individual capabilities of the team.

They have incredibly strong skillsets in secure application design. Therefore, we awarded the contract to Future Processing.”

Mike Sherry IT Director, DX Network Services Limited

Always looking out for you

Security is important in every project and at every stage of delivery.

Engage trusted engineers with certificates and extensive experience who understand the world of security well and can adjust the required security level to your project.

Work with experts available at various stages of delivery through e.g., SecOps, SATS, DAST and have an overall knowledge on your needs and product.


“Security is a process not a one-time event. With an experienced, highly competent team continuously taking care of it, you get peace of mind that your organisation is well protected against modern cyberthreats.”

Dominik Samociuk Head of Security, Future Processing

SDL practices we follow

Our security engineers follow the Microsoft SDL practices that are engaged in various phases of software product development.
Provide Training
Establish Design Requirements
Define Security Requirements
Perform Threat Modeling
Define and Use Cryptography Standards
Manage the Security Risk of Using Third-Party Components
Define Metrics and Compliance Reporting
Use Approved Tools
Perform Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST)
Perform Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST)
Perform Penetration Testing
Establish a Standard Incident Response Process

Let's talk

Build secure software and reduce overall development cost.
Contact us to see how you could implement SDL in your organisation.

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