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Data Migration & Modernisation

Transform your organisation with key insights from your data unlocked through data migration and modernisation.

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Migrate and modernise your data

Become Cloud Native and leverage the full potential of Cloud by migrating, modernising, and optimising your existing infrastructure.

Using our proprietary Cloud & Data Modernisation Framework, we take a holistic approach that leads you through all the steps required to get your organisation to Cloud Native safely.

data solutions future processing

Our framework

Take a look at our Cloud and Data Migration and Modernisation framework. It consists of 5 stages, with carefully designed steps to help you reach your goals.

  • Stage


    The “Adjust” wave covers the planning and aligning of the organization for cloud and data endeavors. Foundational choices and considerations are analyzed to establish a basis for the project.

    • Requirement Analysis

    • Calculating Cloud Cost

    • Choosing Cloud Architecture

    • Cloud Migration Strategy

    • Considering Security Risks

    • Designing team for further steps

    • Business impact discussed and designed

  • Stage


    The “Design” wave encompasses the complete design of primary and subsidiary cloud and data processes. The substance of the project is generated here with a broad scope capturing each element necessary for completion.

    • Rollback plan design

    • Data storage and operations design

    • Data modelling and Design

    • Data security check and design

    • Data quality audit and design

    • Data architecture designed

    • Policies and documentation updates

    • Board of Directors meeting plan designed

    • Value extension

  • Stage


    The “Connect” wave sets the stage for integration. Content generated in the “Design” wave is prepared to be activated and final attunements are made to completely align the material for migration.

    • Data Source listed

    • Data integration verified and designed

    • Data Mapping plan

    • Data storage verified, designed or redesigned

    • Data targets designed

    • PoC / Batches plan

    • Manuals delivered

  • Stage


    The “Migration” wave sees implementation of all new processes. Planning and execution of migration is accompanied by TCO and ROI checks. Ultimately, testing and a final release sees a full connection of designed processes with the system.

    • Planning

    • Selecting tasks

    • Sprint building

    • Meetings. Synchs. Retros

    • TCO and ROI checkup

    • Coaching

    • Migration and Automation

    • Testing and final realease

  • Stage


    The “Enable” wave consists of monitoring for optimal performance of the launch. All considerations are reviewed and processed for future endeavors in optimization and automation of processes.

    • Operation and support

    • Data Governance

    • Optimization

    • Use cases revisit

    • Business automation

    • CLTV triggers

Why transform your data with us?

Data modernisation and migration offer a plethora of benefits to your organisation. By executing it with us, you can multiply these benefits. Here’s what you get:

  • Support of data consultants specialised and experienced in Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, Cloud Consultants, DevOps engineers, CloudOps engineers, and others

  • A well-thought-out and proven Cloud & Data Modernisation Framework which guides you, step by step, through your data transformation ensuring nothing is overlooked

  • Peace of mind with your decisions – thanks to e.g. business process analysis, costs and risks analysis, pros and cons of various options, PoCs showing how the solution could work, etc.

  • Competitive advantage through modern and cutting-edge tech solutions – we stay on top of the latest trends and technologies, including the implementation of Big Data, ML, and AI

  • Knowledge and experience in building solutions based on Modern Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse engines such as Snowflake, Databricks, and Azure Synapse

  • Partnership with Azure and AWS which means their technological support and favourable pricing conditions


“By moving your data to the cloud, you can not only solve issues connected with on-premise storage, but also take advantage of the additional cloud services designed specifically for data processing and reporting. These ready-made services mean less coding work needed.”

Krzysztof Nykiel Head of Data Solutions, Future Processing

Data Migration and Cloud Migration – what's the difference?

Simply put, Data Migration is often a Cloud Migration of a system which has data as its heart and data processing as its purpose. In Data Migration, the focus is your data and what you can learn from it.

Cloud Migration, on the other hand, is focused on infrastructure and network of systems and applications and transferring them into a cloud environment in a way that allows you to realise the cloud’s potential.


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