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Data Solutions Consulting

Access new business opportunities by uncovering the hidden potential of your data with help from data experts.

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What we cover?

Uncover the hidden potential of your data with expert help from our Data Consultants. Here’s what they can help you with:

Data Strategy

Our data consultant assesses your data maturity level, helps you set your high-level objectives, and investigates data sources and surrounding processes. Then, they propose a roadmap defining processes, rules and tech to help your company manage its information assets. This supports business decisions and helps ensure data security – from a tech and legal standpoint.

Security risk analysis

Get help from our data consultant to ensure security of your data, data marts and warehouses. Engage certified experts to identify vulnerabilities, assess risk and defend your data against threats. We can show you how to implement mitigations instead of patches.

Data lineage

Understand the lifecycle of your data and base your strategic decisions on data you can trust. Get complete information on how your data flows from its source to destination, how it’s transformed, and why. By doing this, you can uncover issues in data processing, implement required changes and perform data migrations with confidence.

Data Requirement analysis

A data engineer identifies the business context to determine how data sets are used in your organisation. They review documentation, conduct interviews with stakeholders and synthetise requirements to depict your organisation’s data expectations built into business process flows. Finally, they propose target models, identify data sources and develop source-to-target mappings.

Cost/ROI assessment

Find out the answer to the important ‘how much?’ question. Get a Return of Investment (ROI) assessment for implementing and maintaining your company infrastructure over various specified time periods. A small investment in calculations that could mean large savings for your organisation. Get a ROI calculation and let the figures speak.

"The new automated data world improved the visibility on our sales activities.

It also allowed us a better management of our sales teams. Reports run automatically, so we can support our customers more effectively and faster. We have become more responsive to new customer requirements.”

Pascal Zielke Group Director IT & Analytics, PACT Communication Group

Why work with a Data Solution Consultant?

Access the know-how of our data consultants and run your organisation more consciously. Through the proper storing and modelling of your data, you’re able to discover and leverage its true potential to elevate your business. But there’s more possibilities:

  • Cost optimisations and savings if you follow our recommendations

  • Awareness on how to manage data to get benefits from your Data Warehouse

  • Easy data visualisation through implementing Business Intelligence (BI)


Ground-breaking data technologies

We are experienced in the latest data technologies including Modern Data Warehouse such as Azure Synapse and Data Lakehouse such as Spark on Databricks.

We have implemented approaches to data modeling and processing in our proprietary FP Generic Metadata Framework – a tool for data onboarding in Azure giving you the flexibility of cost and performance.

Learn more about the generic metadata framework

    “Data is the hidden potential for many organisations. By collecting, storing, managing and extracting it in a well-thought-out way, you can unlock this potential and steer your business based on facts, not assumptions. Our job as data consultants is to help you do just that.”

    Krzysztof Nykiel Head of Data Solutions, Future Processing

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    Ensure your business decisions are based on facts, not assumptions.
    Transform your data into knowledge.

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