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Experience Design

Define requirements and design your product to reach better outcomes.


Customer-centred approach

Put users in the very centre of everything that you do by precisely describing your core target audience and their perspective.

Together we can build a working prototype of your solution, test it with end-users, analyse their feedback and bring the best value for them.


Here’s how we can help

Create a scalable software solution that blends the perspectives of business, technology and users. Build a solid foundation for your product with Business Analysts, UX Designers and Solution Architects.

Define and design

Specify description of end solution and design the digital product that is adjusted to your business requirements. Consider potential needs and expectations of users.

Design interface

Design a visualisation of the interface with a well-thought-out application flow. Create attractive and intuitive solution.

Usability testing

Ensure that your application is user-friendly, intuitive and provides good experiences to users before it moves to the production stage. Discover its strengths, collect valuable feedback on usability of the interface and key business requirements.

Requirements engineering

Get a professionally prepared specification of your solution, analyse the scope of requirements and functionalities, prioritise the features to implement. Find the balance between the scope and outcomes, optimise costs and benefit most.

Business Analysis

Work with business analysts to link business and IT perspectives and ensure your software product answers your needs. Optimise the processes in your organisation and achieve your goals thanks to profitable solution.

Inclusiveness and accessibility

Improve your service or product so that it can be used by people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive disabilities. Create possibilities not boundaries.

We can help you define your needs, check the feasibility of your software product and build roadmap for its delivery. You get our support in gathering information for investors and receiving grants.

Accessible Products

Adjust your application to users’ needs including the ones with sight disabilities. Make sure that your product is accessible for everyone. Bet on inclusiveness and remove boundaries.

consulting_future_processing_accesibility experience design

What will you get?

  • Initial architecture and interface design to set the product’s direction and guide a development team

  • Shape of a solution that focuses on user needs and considers inclusiveness and accessibility

  • Scoped out MVP and a rough cost and time estimation

  • Business analysts, UX designers and technology specialists who can design but also deliver your solution


Product Experience Design Process

“Working with Future Processing has really made a difference to the end product delivered to our customers.

The team fully understood our requirements and worked with us to help us understand the workflows required for the use of the application. Having the prototype, plus the scree mock-ups also allowed us to create a backlog for the project much more rapidly than in previous work and simplified the development process.“

Sarah Owers Business Manager, Allocate Software

From low fidelity to reality

Let’s walk together from the initial requirements gathering through creating low and high-fidelity mock ups to implementation of your solution.


"We move from the vision to the point where we can start development. Before that there is an opportunity to see what the product will look like, what functionalities it will have and to verify its assumptions with real target users. We can also take care of business goals and the needs of users at an early stage of the product life."

Natalia Kukuryk Lead Business Analyst, Future Processing

“Based on the idea, we help to discover and define how to turn it into a successful product. We verify the assumptions and define the scope of requirements based on the actual needs of stakeholders - making sure the product is market fit which is crucial for its success. We offer a solution covering architecture, functional scope, and even graphical design, so the client can have a full vision of the product.”

Izabela Semczuk Lead Business Analyst, Future Processing

Methodologies we use

We pay attention to perfectly adjust tools and activities undertaken during workshops to a particular project.
Some modules we can pick from:
Requirements gathering workshops Building empathy of users Product roadmap Technical system architecture description
Project specification (product backlog) Semi-interactive prototype Information architecture User Experience (UX) Design
Estimations Design evaluation Graphic design Desk Research

Let's talk

Design the experiences of users to make your product desirable.
Get in touch and let's make a real difference to your end product.

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