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Dedicated Team

Compose an agile team of technology experts to work with you on shaping your tech strategy and designing and developing your next digital product.


Agile - as a partner and as a team

We understand the dynamics of today’s business environment and adjust to the way you work.

That’s why our ways of working are agile – both on team and organisational level.

We adapt to what you need – specific team size, competences, collaboration and pricing models or methodology. We’re proud to have Operational Agility as one of the pillars of The Future Processing Way.

The breadth of skills we have at Future Processing means you can compose your ideal agile team. With over 1000 people on board and more than 600 projects delivered, we have all the capabilities and knowledge needed to support your tech and business objectives.



You are a valued member of our Agile team.
We believe that close collaboration between the Product Owner and the development team is the key to creating amazing software. We keep you updated, guarantee full transparency during the development process and provide you with solutions to any encountered business problem. We create for you and with you.

Delivery Success Indicators

Evaluation of your project should be based on facts. This is why we’ve got clearly defined and measurable DSIs that help us react really fast to challenges that occur during the development phase. All to provide you with the best quality product. Want to know more about our unique way of work?


“They’ve been excellent at scaling up and down the team when we reached specific pieces of work.

Providing just the right skill sets as and when required. At the moment, we’re working with eight employees who are pretty much dedicated full-time to this project.”

Mike Sherry IT Director, DX Network Services Limited
“The collaboration has led to a digital transformation of our existing processes.

The team delivered continuous and seamless product innovation and delivered it with short time to market. Future Processing were operationally agile, allowing us to rapidly scale the team up and down and adjust its competences to changing requirements.”

Maurice Suter Head of Digital Operations, Temporary Staffing Company
"With great account management and teams that form effective working relationships with in-house development teams...

... the daunting task of working with external development teams is definitely a thing of the past."

Chris Gathercole Development Manager, HAS Technology

Why get a Dedicated Team?

To quote the words of our client, ‘ Future Processing takes the same amount of pride in the outcome of a project as our internal team.’ For you this means:

  • A long-term technology partner to tackle all your tech problems and software development needs

  • Time and space to focus on your core business by transferring the responsibility for PM, QA and value delivery to us

  • Regular, tangible, high-quality results without the hassle of recruitment, training and development on your side

  • Access to a pool of true experts in their fields, mixed and matched to create your ideal power team

Our agile teams are adjusted to your requirements in terms of size, competencies, collaboration and pricing models and methodology. All to meet your challenges and deliver the highest quality product.


Team Leader – a crucial member of your team

As default, our teams are lead and managed by a Team Leader whose role is to ensure your team brings you the most value. A Team Leader motivates the team to tackle the most complex challenges, encourages them to innovate, and challenge the status quo.

A Team Leader is there for you to:

  • Take care of your team

    A happy team means more creativity, more ideas, and more engagement in your project.

  • Ensure your team doesn’t stand still

    The focus on self-improvement and development directly impacts the work result and your project.

  • Take care of your project

    For you, the burden of team and project management is reduced significantly.

  • Monitor and analyse project risks

    You get peace of mind with a proactive approach to threat and risk management.

  • Listen and respond to your needs

    Their attentive ear means the business context of your solution is understood by every member of the team.

  • Manage personnel changes

    Any personnel changes are managed efficiently ensuring the team doesn’t lose its momentum.

  • Sort out admin matters

    For you, this means you can focus your attention where it really matters.

  • Guarantee the implementation of The Future Processing Way

    This means you, as a client, know what to expect from us in terms of the way we work.


“What our clients value is our adaptable approach as an organisation. We listen, not just hear, and we flex to adjust ourself to our clients’ reality, which can be very dynamic. Our goal is to be agile – not only on the level of business partnership, but also on the level of a team and an individual.”

Tomasz Rachwał Head of Delivery, Future Processing

Most popular among our clients

Below is a list of competences and technologies that our clients appreciate the most:
Big Data IoT Machine Learning Business Intelligence
Security  Artificial Intelligence  Cloud  DevOps
Mobile Backend Frontend


Chosen projects we delivered

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Ausschöpfung des Potenzials der Anwendung durch Erhöhung der Kapazität, Verbesserung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Beschleunigung der Leistung um fast 90%.
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Wielka Brytania
Wykorzystanie potencjału aplikacji poprzez poszerzenie jej możliwości, usprawnienie jej tak, by była bardziej przyjazna dla użytkownika, oraz zwiększenie jej możliwości o prawie 90%.
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Ein strategischer Workshop, der dem Kunden half, sein Hightech-Geschäft in Gang zu bringen.
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Warsztat strategiczny który pomógł klientowi w rozwoju biznesu z branży high-tech.
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Wielka Brytania
Usprawnienie tranzycji systemów IT, dzięki któremu zoptymalizowano koszty i ulepszono dostęp do danych.
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Rationalisierung der Umstellung von IT-Systemen, die zu Kostenoptimierung und verbesserter Datenzugänglichkeit führte.
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United Kingdom
Streamlining IT systems transition that led to cost optimisation and enhanced data accessibility.
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A strategic workshop that helped the client kickstart their high-tech business.
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Dostawa żywności i zakupów
Bliski Wschód
Prawie 192 000 nowych subskrybentów oraz wzrost prędkości developmentu do 4 razy dzięki naszej pracy
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Naher Osten
Fast 192.000 neue Abonnenten, und eine bis zu 4-fache Steigerungder Entwicklungsgeschwindigkeit dank unserer Arbeit.

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