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Solution Architecture Design & Development

Ensure your systems and their components work together seamlessly to meet your business objectives.


Well-thought-out software from start to finish

We take a holistic approach and deal with solution architecture end-to-end.

We are with you every step of the way: from requirements gathering, through software design, to overseeing the implementation and deployment of your software – both new and existing.

We can give you the tools you need for constant innovation.

"Future Processing designed and architected the software from its UX experience to its structure and codebase.

(...) Future Processing has been a valuable partner to our in-house technology team as we built the platform to realise our vision to transform how working capital is financed. Delivering top-notch solutions in an agile manner, other Future Processing’s customers can expect a reliable and responsive team."

Kishore Patel CTO, Demica

What will you get?

Peace of mind, above all. At Future Processing, solution architecture is not a standalone service, but part of a wider ecosystem.

Solution Architects work closely with Business Analysts, software development and quality assurance engineers to design and develop architecture that ensures software and its components work seamlessly.

As a result, the end product not only does its job well but is also secure, maintainable, scalable and highly available.


“Architecture isn’t a product but a process. We work hand in hand with the development team and our architects participate in every phase of product development. Their competences cover many areas, including microservices, big data and cloud-first architectures. This holistic approach ensures your end-product works seamlessly and properly meets your business goals.”

Krzysztof Szabelski Head of Technology, Future Processing

Most popular among our clients

Below is a list of competences and technologies that our clients appreciate the most:
Evolutionary Architecture Future-proof Design Supporting Business Decisions in the Field of Technology
Lighthouse projects Secure and Reliable Solutions Translating Business Vision into Working Solutions


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We offer a holistic approach to solution architecture.
Offload the burden of designing and developing solution architecture onto us.

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