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Analysis & Design

Analysis and Design is the service that will allow you to have your idea or a user need investigated by experts who will conduct a thorough analysis of the problem and propose the best solution.

We solve problems and turn abstract concepts into reality.

Who we are

Future Processing is an experienced software company founded in 2000. We specialise in full cycle bespoke software development, database analysis and mobile application development, among other services.

The Analysis & Design department consists of a multidisciplinary team of Business Analysts, User Experience Designers, Technical Architect and a Graphic Designer.

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Analysis and Design we provide consists of 3 phases:


The team gathers information and builds an understanding of our Client’s expectations.


The team gathers ideas and transforms Client’s expectations into a proposed solution.

Usability Testing

Presented solution is tested and evaluated with business representatives and/or the end users.

Analysis & design at Future Processing

Whether you have an idea or a user need that requires investigation, have a legacy IT system or a process that you want to update and you don’t quite know where to start, our Analysis and Design service can help.

We will learn about your business, the domain you work in and understand your needs in order to help you deliver smart solutions tailored to your company.

We boast strong competencies in the following three areas which allows us propose optimum solutions to our Clients:

How we will work with you

Using various techniques, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your environment:




transfer ideas visually


engage people

most of all!

The outcome of the process is a complete product design including all documentation – all you need to start software development with us, or any other provider.

We will do user and market research and run a series of workshops with business representatives and end users to deliver you the following:

Functional specification

Architecture of the system

Architecture of information

Prototype & Key visuals

What will you achieve by conducting analysis & design with us?

New insights
Better integration
Risk Management

An optimum solution to your business problem and one that meets your users’ needs. As a result of a through UX stage they use the system effortlessly and are happy with the way it works_
Solution that is fine-tuned to the business and users. More precise project estimations_
New insights to the company’s business processes gained by stakeholders participating in the project_
Verification of business and technical assumptions behind the product. If negative, research for another solution – IT or non-IT_
Understanding of the whole ecosystem means better architecture and integration with internal and third party systems_
Documentation of the solution that provides all necessary input needed for the process of developing the product or service with any provider_
Easier risk management – identification and evaluation of project risks_

See the effects of our work for other clients:

Pulsion technology

United Kingdom

Together with our Client we have followed a User Centred Design approach to project design and development.

Thanks to the use of prototyping tools, we managed to test previously designed workflow of all tasks performed by the application and to design user interface 50% quicker.


  • review of the visual style, UX and business workflows,
  • High Fidelity UI screens.

Solid EntreprenØr AS


Solid Entreprenør AS is an established Norwegian construction company that builds residential and industrial buildings.

The aim of our cooperation was to support user activities by providing a new product of our Client’s system – a mobile application which can be used directly on construction sites.


  • product mocks and documentation,
  • delivered the entire solution.

Thomas Miller

United Kingdom

Thomas Miller is a business services provider to mutual, specialist insurance sectors, asset management and wealth creation vehicles.
The task was to create an application that would provide brokers with access to online claims and would enable them to underwrite data in real time.


  • validated wireframes,
  • high fidelity User Interface screens.

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