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Transform an idea into a product that attracts users, is well adapted to your business environment and adds unique value to your business.

What will you get?

  • complete design of your new product or service and of additional promotional materials,
  • validation of business and technical assumptions behind a product,
  • an implementation plan for your new solution,
  • verification of your idea through user and market research to confirm the world is ready for your solution,
  • usability audit and investigation of possible technical implementations to propose a solution to best fit your market,
  • thorough analysis and process optimisation to design your perfect solution,
  • technical specification that developers can work with,
  • our support throughout product delivery phases to communicate with the development team on your behalf.

What are the benefits?

A consistent and well-designed vision of your product or service.

Happy users as a result of a product that fits them perfectly.

A no-obligation Product Design service. You hold full ownership of the documentation and may present it to another provider for development.

The project is divided into stages - including a specific scope of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready to be placed on the market.

Through documentation that may assist you in acquiring funding for your project.

Why do you need Product Design?

Product design is beneficial if you: 

  • need to create a new software product, 
  • have a business idea but you aren’t sure it will work, 
  • need to improve your current solution, 
  • need to automate your business processes, 
  • don’t consider software engineering to be your cup of tea. 

Product Design

How we’ll deliver your
optimal product?

We are proud to create solutions that are beneficial for our clients and can be justified by the circumstances governing each individual case.

  • Business

  • Users

  • Technical

  • The best

Product Design Service

Service Design

Service Design is user-oriented design, according your organisation’s needs. We focus on your users’ points of contact with the service. Service Design helps in the innovation and improvement of services to make them more useful, usable, desirable for clients and effective as well as effective for organizations.

Product Strategy

Product strategy is developed at workshops with your main stakeholders. That workshop can be supported by other methods, e.g. analysis of competition, user research. We build a common understanding of your goals, product vision, possible solutions and available resources. This helps to shape the direction of your product and to create a clear strategy.

Process Mapping

Process mapping illustrates the way in which an organisation operates including workflows of tasks and information. It not only helps to understand WHO and WHAT participates in processes, but also to identify areas of potential improvements, e.g. removing unnecessary steps, streamlining the implementation process and transferring knowledge, making processes more consistent, identifying problems, documenting processes.


Research means analysis of the market and collecting information on users’ needs. It ensures that before a solution is implemented, you gain an overview of the market to see or what are users expectations and how they may receive it.

Product Prototype

Prototyping means building a part of your product with visual features of the target product and testing it with end users. This allows you to gather feedback from the market in a quick and cost-efficient manner. As a result, you are able to introduce improvements to the target product at the design stage.

Usability Testing

Usability testing means your product is tested by participants who perform tasks under the watchful eye of a UX Designer. This helps to check if your application is user-friendly, intuitive and provides a good experience to your users. You also discover its strengths and collect feedback before it moves to the production stage.

Interface Design

Interface design means a modern and intuitive visual design of your product’s interface, based on system specification and user insights, together with well-thought-out information architecture and product flow. Visual attractiveness and intuitiveness of a product result in larger user numbers and increased user engagement.

Functional Specification

Project specification describes the aim and the scope of the planned solution. It also covers a set of functional and non-functional requirements and all technical or trade terms used in the document. Having a thorough project specification ensures your requirements are clear and understood by the business and development teams. It also helps with scheduling and cost estimations.

Our focus is to deliver

Helping to create applications to the NGO sector as part of an IT outsourcing partnership since 2010. 

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Understanding our needs by the Future Processing team, which are not only the current needs necessary for the project, but also the needs that will be taken to subsequent stages in the months or years to come, was exactly what we needed.

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