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Cyber security services

Cyberattacks have become one of the most serious security threats facing businesses today and causing increasing levels of disruption.

According to the 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, over 7.1 billion identities have been exposed in data breaches in the last 8 years. In order to stay resilient to these breaches, organisations need to take a proactive approach to security and weave it into the fabric of their culture.

An ISO 27001:2013 certified software developer

Who we are

We are an experienced IT services company specialising in solving business problems of industry leaders worldwide through the use of the latest technologies.

We pride ourselves in the high level of technical expertise and an individualised approach to each project which result in the highest quality of our solutions. Because our goal is maximising the return on investment for our clients, we always advise on the best, and not necessarily the easiest route to take during a project.

But perhaps most importantly, we provide a range of managed security services that help our clients stay safe an increasingly complex digital world.

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Security services at Future Processing

Some of the security services we offer include:

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) Governance

Future Processing’s expert consulting team offers a range of services that will help your organization build secure application development programmes based on education, continuous improvement, and accountability.

Our methods are compliant with industry standards like Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, OWASP Software Assurance Maturity Model OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Managed security services

We will help you enhance your current software development process including:

  • Requirements and design risk-aligned analysis
  • Secure Architecture and Design
  • Secure implementation of IT systems
  • Static and dynamic verification of (developed) software
  • Security tools management
  • Security fundamentals training

It works with SCRUM

The SDL for Agile Development adapts security practices to modern development.

It allows building secure software in an effective manner without compromising the principles behind Agile methodologies.

What you will get

You will get:

  • Security and design requirements for your project
  • Coding guidelines, security static analysis tools configuration
  • Threat modelling and risk analysis for new requirements in your project
  • Ongoing verification and consulting throughout the development process

Web Application Security Assessment

We will examine your websites, web applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could give hackers an opportunity to damage or steal data processed in your system.

More than just OWASP Top10

Beyond testing for OWASP Top 10 security risks, we go deeper to make sure that the application is safe not only from external attacks, but also from malicious actions performed by legitimate users.

As part of our Web Application Security Assessment, our experts will test access controls and uncover authorization and privilege-related flaws.

Make sure you are compliant and safe

Get your application ready for a compliance audit. Whether it’s PCI-DSS, HIPAA or SOX – a Web Application Security Assessment will help you ensure your applications process data in a secure manner.

A Web Application Security Assessment will minimise the risk of data breaches which can be devastating to your business, both financially and in terms of your company’s image.

What will you get

  • A test report showing found issues, with clear reproduction steps
  • Analysis of technical and business impact of uncovered vulnerabilities
  • Actionable recommendations for fixes and issue mitigation

penetration testing

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, or pen-test, is a security analysis of a software system performed by skilled security professionals simulating the actions of a hacker.

Our Penetration Testing service can uncover potential vulnerabilities resulting from coding errors, system configuration problems, or other operational deployment issues.

Our pen testing activities can be planned with you as recurring events, allowing you to fit them in your company’s security activities schedule (for example as part of ISO27001 compliance requirements) and in your budget.

Pentesting can also help you meet the recommendations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which advocates for organisations to asses their applications and critical infrastructure for security vulnerabilities and regularly test the effectiveness of their security controls.

What Future Processing offers

  • External and Internal Services testing
  • Web and Mobile Applications testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Configuration verification and hardening
  • Network Equipment for Wireless and Wired networks
  • Database Security Controls Testing

What your company will get

  • A Test Report, containing all discovered vulnerabilities, including technical details, business impact and evidences
  • An Intelligence Report (publicly available information relating to your Company)
  • Recommendations for issue mitigation and possible improvements in operational procedures
  • Re-testing of implemented fixes

Security Training for Developers

Our security experts are more than happy to share their knowledge through an in-depth, hands-on security training for developers / IT teams.

Training goals:

  • Building the consciousness of the basic concepts and mechanisms related to web application security
  • Building an understanding of popular cyberattack techniques, protection measures and good practices to enhance the overall application security level
  • Building an understanding of how to translate security requirements into application design elements

Theoretical part

Workshop with exercises

Organised on your location

Customised syllabus and training goals

Read what other say obout our work:

Gary Bissland

Technical director, screenmedia design ltd.

“We are very happy with the penetration testing service we received from Future Processing. Communication and flexibility of the team were good during the entire duration of the project. The established scope and activities performed gave us a high level of confidence and were tailored to our needs.

The testing team have shown professionalism, a good understanding of the system and went beyond the sole technical vulnerability assessment, connecting the technical issues found with business risks. The report prepared by the Future Procesing was very thorough, sowing not only the vulnerabilities, but also incicating the areas for possible improvement implementation of security best practices in the system.”;

Neal Beck

Technical project manager, staffcare

“Earlier this year, Future Processing delivered their IT Security Essentials training course to our in-house developers. The training was held at our offices near London, UK.
The goal of the training was to provide our developers with the knowledge required to develop secure software applications. This goal was fully achieved during the training which was conducted in a professional manner and in accordance with the published course material. The scope of the training was adjusted to meet our timeframes and was conducted on our standard training PCs.

The trainer, exhibited extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of security and the specific subject mat ter of the course. He was able to effectively share his expertise in the way that facilitated the acquisition of knowledge by team. The training session was highly rated by the participants and it has contributed to their skills development. The feedback from our developers was that they felt the training had given them practical skills and knowledge which they could apply immediately in their work.

In summary, we found the course provided by Future Processing highly beneficial to our employees and we would recommend it to other companies.”;

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