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Data Science & Engineering 

Thanks to Data Science you can effectively process data, base new services and business decisions on knowledge and improve your day-to-day operations.


You have the data and we will give you powerful solutions so you can use it. Let’s work together and make the most of it.

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Facts & Numbers

Data transformed into knowledge

We can design processes that visualise data processing, design and create a solution from scratch based on existing mathematical models and using components to connect them with each other.


We will also work together with your domain experts and empower them with technology to support their analysis procedures and decision-making processes in your organisation.


people on board

2-5 times

the cost – the estimated ROI in the first year on most standard machine learning projects

15 years

of Microsoft Partnership


team members with over 5 years of experience


of respondents report their organisation is being impacted by AI technologies

175 ZB

the Global Datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025


What will you get?

  • Data transformed into knowledge that provides information in real-time and allows for making better decisions, meeting your timelines
  • Design and implementation of data platforms together with advanced data processing, analysis and visualization
  • Advice on what can be done using the data you provided, leading you towards the appropriate solution
  • Comprehensive analytical models that facilitate decision making, understanding trends and finding unseen patterns


  • Comprehensive IoT platforms – from collecting and organising the data from various devices, through processes engaging Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to adding customer and business value
  • Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of your activities as well as predictive maintenance and anomaly detection solutions thanks to Machine Learning models
  • Segmentation, categorisation, recommendation and natural language processing problems solved by means of Artificial Intelligence application


Transform your data into valuable business insights

Start your data transformation now.

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Data Science & Engineering
Data Science

We believe that proper data management means:

  • Making smart business decisions
  • Solution optimisation
  • Transformation of data into knowledge
  • Process Automation
  • Complex data analysis (predictive, nonlinear)
  • High-quality data visualisation
  • Secure data maintenance regardless of its source

Benefit from over 20 years of our experience in creating robust software with a dedicated team, specialised in delivering solutions based on high-quality data.

The process

Steps in data processing

We are looking for the right place to store your data and the best ways to use it, tailored to your needs and to the problem at hand. We also understand the importance of scalability and will assure that the application scales well, based on the specific set of data and specific problem.


During our work, we also focus on non-functional aspects, such as availability, accessibility, security, scalability and performance.

Start with the process orchestration in order to execute the following steps:

  • Extract
  • Clean
  • Ingest
  • Process (ML, Data Mining)
  • Visualise
Data Science & Engineering ML AI
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Transform your ways of working

We specialise in developing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models and support your business strategy by analysing numerous data patterns.

Thanks to our experience we create models that classify, regress, build clusters and recognise patterns in the data your business needs to operate.

Depending on your actual needs, we respond to the problem using appropriate tools – we are here to implement them and change the way your business works.

Technologies & Tools

Our solutions are based
on the following technologies

...and many more!

Case Study

Our focus is to deliver

Microservice that enabled running metric reports and drawing conclusions based on the processing of Big Data.

Future Processing team have knowledge in different areas and this has allowed a low-risk relationship in an early stage of the project when technologies were not yet fully decided.

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Transform your data into valuable business insights.
Start your data transformation now.

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