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The Future Way

The Future Way is our own distinctive way of working, based on five pillars: Agility, Innovation, Partnership, Quality and Expertise, all underpinned by our Company Values.

The Future Way describes what you as a client can expect from us in terms of the way we work.

The future way


We adjust to your business, not the other way around.

For us, the concept of agility is twofold. First of all, it covers our preferred methodology - and one we are expert in - namely Agile with the benefits it offers to software project management. Secondly, it means flexibility. Flexibility in terms of what our clients prefer – from the choice of methodology, technology, pricing model (including Gain Share/ Pain Share) and currency, to our willingness to learn to meet your needs. We are also adaptable in terms of scaling the team up and down as the requirements of your project change.


We advise on the best use of available technology to add value in your particular business context.

We constantly monitor the technology market and seek to innovate everything we do – from our services and products to searching for innovation through R&D projects. Future Processing’s R&D team is highly specialised in Machine Learning (ML) and our offer is constantly updated to include the latest technologies, such as the ML, computer vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Big Data and the Internet of Things. In 2018 we joined the FPSpace consortium and now also work on projects in the space sector. Innovation is part of our organisational DNA, through the value of Development - our people are fervent about expanding their knowledge and skills which translates into innovation in your projects.


We develop long-term, trust-based relationships with clients.

After getting to know us, many clients decide to stay - over 70% of our revenue comes from clients who have been with us for 3 years or longer. Our approach is building close and long-term relationships and becoming our clients’ first choice technology partner for reliability, innovation and expertise. We do this through our flexibility, as well as through an established Governance Model, regular client feedback research, and by ensuring a variety of communication channels is available to minimise the risks connected to working with a remote team. We are so confident in our ability to deliver that we offer a free, no obligation trial for the first 2 weeks of cooperation. Partnership additionally means joint venture opportunities offered to our clients. But beyond displaying a ‘partner’ attitude towards our clients, we have also recently started a Channel Programme open to other high quality technology companies.


We ensure you get a quality solution matched to your needs.

Quality is the pillar of the Future Way, it is one of our Values and it is intertwined into everything we do at Future Processing. When working on a project, we always follow the Best Practices of Software Development which ensures appropriate quality standard for every project. The KPIs for projects, e.g. number of bugs, number of fixes further support solution quality. Our engineers are also the organisers of Quality Excites which was voted the best free testing conference in Poland for 3 consecutive years.


Our knowledge and experience helps us succeed and minimise risk in client projects.

Expertise is the people and their knowledge – the knowledge of various technologies, programming languages, methodologies and sectors: Automotive, FinTech, Healthcare, Smart City and NGO.
We are very proud to employ some of the best IT engineers in the country, including leading conference speakers and PhD graduates who solve complex problems using Machine Learning. We have a highly specialised team of solution architects who design scalable systems and the Analysis and Design team who can help you design a solution from scratch.
In 2017, FPAcademy, our dedicated training unit, organised over 270 internal and external training courses, and sent people to more than 70 conferences. All this to make sure that the highest level of technical expertise, that Future Processing is so proud of, is maintained.

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