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Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to smart manufacturing and production – smart factories, in which intelligent and interconnected cyber-physical systems autonomously control physical processes and communicate and cooperate both with each other and with humans, thanks to such technologies as the IoT and its sensors and controls embedded in physical devices.

Who we are

Future Processing is an experienced software company founded in 2000. Over the years, we have gained experience across industries which enabled us to create high quality products based on Big Data, IoT and computer vision technologies.

Apart from delivering ready-made products, we also provide bespoke software development services to industrial enterprises.

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Our Industry 4.0 services

Integrated services for the implementation of Industry 4.0

IoT services for Industry 4.0

Big Data services for Industry 4.0

R&D outsourcing services for Industry 4.0

Security services for Industry 4.0

The impact of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 presents new opportunities not only for companies that are ready to innovate, but also for their end customers. Businesses can benefit from improved resource efficiency and cost effectiveness, reduction in lead time and increase in productivity, as well as more flexibility in mass production. The latter allows for more rapid adaptations to changes in the market and a better quality of product which are valuable to both the businesses and their consumers.

Future Processing helps businesses to take advantage of the benefits that Industry 4.0 presents by providing their IT and R&D departments with experts in algorithms, data analysis, IoT and security, as well as in embedded software.

Our Industry 4.0 services are structured around four key areas: R&D outsourcing, Security, IoT and Big Data.

Supporting businesses in  implementation of Industry 4.0

Research and Development (R&D) to help you explore your possibilities for Industry 4.0

To entirely exploit the opportunities that Industry 4.0 opens, experts who can use a variety of technologies are needed to help businesses investigate how to integrate these diverse technologies into existing processes within the company. The specialists can also help to develop a vision or an idea into a feasible project.

The benefits of R&D outsourcing services for Industry 4.0

provide constant access to additional human resources

give access to skills and expertise absent in your organisation

lower the costs of implementing innovation

speed up R&D work

How can Future Processing help?

Future Processing can provide businesses with access to specialists in algorithms, data analysis, IoT, security and in embedded software, as well as business analysts and engineers proficient in a variety of programming languages. We cooperate with technical universities and domain experts. Our multi-disciplinary teams can visit a factory to help businesses design appropriate processes or implement process improvements. The teams are proactive – they will pose questions, provide suggestions and set our Clients a challenge, with an aim of reaching the best possible end results for their business.

Security services for Industry 4.0 to ensure your business is protected

No effective Industry 4.0 implementation can take place without proper attention to security – it should be at the heart of the transformation from its very start. After all, damage inflicted by hackers to enterprises relying on cyber-physical systems could be much greater than to the traditional digital-only systems.

The benefits of security services for Industry 4.0

enable implementation of Industry 4.0 with peace of mind about security of data and infrastructure

allow to adjust security procedures to requirements and quality standards

support your risk mitigation strategies

help to create a Security Policy or adjust an existing policy to processes implemented during the transformation

allow to find out about dangers that arise along with development of new technologies

protect the image of the company through preventing security incidents and data breaches

enable better protection of all components of smart factories

minimise the risk of production downtime through better protection against threats

How can Future Processing help?

Security is tightly intertwined with the software development process at Future Processing, and the people behind it are our security experts. Apart from enhancing the quality of software with the presence of our engineers, the specialists can also help with security architecture design and testing, source code audits, systems vulnerability assessments, application penetration testing and other services. We are flexible in terms of cooperation models – experts can offer support at any time of the project, even though we recommend taking care of security at the onset of the transformation. We work according to MS SDL and OWASP SDLC norms to ensure the highest security standards.

Our certificates include:

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Fortinet Certified Network Security Associate (FCNSA)
  • Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional (FCNSP)
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

Internet of Things (IoT) services for Industry 4.0 to develop and support your connected environment

We believe the switch to Industry 4.0 is imminent and cyber-physical systems (hardware systems with embedded software) are a crucial component of the transformation. The importance of internet-connected technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing across the industries – in manufacturing, and beyond. This brings the need for businesses to adjust their processes so as to stay competitive against rivals and attractive in the eyes of their stakeholders.

The benefits of IoT services for Industry 4.0

enable implementing Industry 4.0 with an effective retrieval of valuable data from sensors and other internet-enabled devices

help to adjust processes according to data collected from smart devices fitted with sensors and other smart devices

help with optimisation and integration of smart devices

provide care of the full connected IoT environment

How can Future Processing help?


Future Processing has years of experience in designing and developing embedded software and systems. Our daughter company, FP Instruments, designs custom electronics and takes care of the final component production. Something that distinguishes us from competitors is that we are able to collect data from sensors of many different producers, removing the necessity for you to stay with their software if it doesn’t fully suit your needs. Apart from offering specialised resources and know-how in the area of embedded systems, we can aid businesses during different stages of IoT implementation. We can also provide businesses with an all-round support for their IoT environments– from development of software and components, integration with other systems to optimisation.

Big Data services for Industry 4.0 to help you make sense of your data

Digital data has been growing exponentially in the recent time, especially after the introduction of the IoT and, in the near future, the majority of this new data will come not from humans, but from smart devices themselves. The application of Industry 4.0 will require strong capabilities in capturing and analysing massive volumes of information delivered by smart devices, which will allow for rapid, data-driven decision making. Decisions, based on real-time, accurate data will bring improvements in systems, processes and products. Unlocking the potential of data will allow businesses to explore certain patterns that can help them save money and optimise their operations.

The benefits of Big Data services for Industry 4.0

allow to create and maintain the infrastructure of Big Data databases and real-time data processing

support the processes of data flow between hardware and software

aid with Data Mining to get information that would be difficult to obtain by humans

help with the integration and in-depth analysis of data from many different sources for informed decision making

How can Future Processing help?

Future Processing offers the expertise of teams dedicated to Big Data solutions, algorithms and Big Data analysis who are experienced in projects for the industry. If your business’ area of activity is very particular, we can quickly gain domain knowledge of this area and conduct workshops with your team in order to propose an adequate, Big-Data based Industry 4.0 solution. Beyond implementing the solution, we offer customised data analysis and real-time reporting to help your business gain maximum benefits from its projects.

We can support the implementation of Industry 4.0 by creating such solutions as:

Energy management systems

Machine monitoring and optimisation

Machine predictive maintenance

Production data visualisations

Embedded software and solutions

Environmental monitoring and analytics

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