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Future Processing – the facilitator of innovation

A volatile market is the everyday business environment for many organisations. It is innovation that stimulates and drives the market.

On an organisational level, introducing change requires a lot of practical skills, but also a large dose of interdisciplinary knowledge.

As part of the FP Space consortium, we conduct innovative projects, including those on behalf of the European Space Agency.

At Future Processing, our aim is to accompany you in this process, also by supporting you in creating an organisational culture that encourages creativity and development and is oriented at seeking opportunities.

Our competences allow us to engage in the process of change at many different stages: starting from the analysis of a business context, through the proposal of changes along with analysis of their impact , to the implementation of the change.

Our key to success is data – its skilful processing and conclusions drawn from its analysis.

Initiatives supporting innovation

Our team offers support in implementing innovation at every stage of software development:


Activities in the field of data science, AR / VR, blockchain and IoT in which we are skilled and experienced


Conducting R&D projects as well as scientific activities through cooperation with universities


Partnership with Microsoft in the field of smart platforms such as Intelligent Cloud


Consulting activity in the field of analysis and solution design using intelligent solutions.

How can we help?

A wide spectrum of activities allows us to provide value to businesses on many levels, starting from support of decision-making processes based on intelligent data processing, through prediction of the impact of changes on business environment, the elimination of negative events for business, or personalising sales activities thanks to machine learning.

We conduct medical projects based on machine learning that support the diagnostic work of doctors.


Each time differently, to completely adapt to the individual needs of our given client.

The following example describes our approach to implementing innovation through technology:

2. Development of an appropriate data set taking into account the client’s business context

3. Analysis of whether and how data science could help the client.

4.Value proposition for businessM resulting from the use of innovation

5. Integration of the solution with the client's infrastructure

1. Determining the client's needs and getting to know their organisation



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