Requirements Engineering

Consider requirements engineering as an investment – the more effort you put into understnding users’ perspective, the closer your project will be to your business goals.

What will you get?

  • reconciliation, documenting, analysing, prioritising, tracking and communicating requirements and managing their changes – continuously, throughout your project’s lifecycle,
  • a requirements specification – we will gather requirements from your stakeholders, define application flow, help define priorities and specify tasks for the development team,
  • a redesign of your existing solution through introducing optimisation and usability,
  • thorough analysis and process optimisation to design your perfect solution ,
  • a technical specification that developers can work with ,
  • our support throughout product delivery phases to communicate with the development team on your behalf
  • intuitive and attractive User Interface, suited to your solution users’ needs, compatible with best user experience (UX) practices.

What are the benefits? 

Meticulous project estimations and better value for money thanks to a thorough knowledge of priorities and functional scope.

Money saved by saving you problems that may occur at a later stage.

Minimised risk that your product does not work well enough to face your business and users’ needs.

Easier identification and evaluation of project risks.

Better architecture and integration with internal and third-party systems.

Improved system scalability achieved by analysing all future needs of designed systems.

Fewer errors during project implementation.

Better understanding of requirements and more efficient communication between your business and development team.

Why do you need Requirements Engineering?

Requirements Engineering is beneficial if you: 

  • know what you need from your future software solution but don’t have a specification ready for development, 
  • want to replace your old system with a new one, perfectly suited to your current business needs and prepared for future challenges, 
  • need to automate your business processes, 
  • don’t consider software engineering to be your cup of tea. 

How can we help in
your project?

We can help you with the entire requirements engineering process:

  • Feasibility

  • Requirements

  • Requirements

  • Requirements

  • Support during

We serve as a bridge between your business and a development team,

translating business goals and user requirements into technical language and technical questions into business language.


Through regular meetings with your Product Owner, a Business Analyst:

  • gathers acceptance criteria,
  • specifies requirements, 
  • sets priorities,
  • builds the backlog,
  • answers queries of the developers.

A BA’s understanding of your objectives, means less effort for you to manage the development project.


In case of changes to your requirements, a BA will be able to verify your idea and propose an ideal solution from business and users’ needs perspective.

They also ensure the change is well thought-through and that the business logic is maintained.


A BA conducts detailed acceptance testing after each sprint to determine if the requirements of your specification are being met.

This means an additional quality check of your product throughout its development.

How will we work
with you?

Using various techniques, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your environment:

  • Listen

  • Observe

  • Analyse

  • Transfer ideas visually

  • Test

  • Engage people
    most of all!

Need more advanced support?

We have UX Designer support, UI Graphic Design, product prototype or complex Product Design competencies.

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Our focus is to deliver

Custom system to support carsharing service built from scratch in less than 100 days.

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I’m very happy with our cooperation. Future Processing delivers a true added value to our project. Team-wise they are offering a true full-stack skill matrix with a great mindset and expertise in agile software development. We accomplished to establish a true lean organization, focusing on high quality and reliability of the system.

Thomas Felber

IT Manager, Linde - BeeZero®


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