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A team of smart and talented IT professionals working exclusively for you.

What will you get?

A dedicated team working just for you. This means:

  • software developers and IT professionals handpicked to address your project and business goals,
  • IT specialists with a proven track record of delivering real outcomes to clients,
  • an agile, creative team of individuals focused on solving problems in a way that brings you the most value,
  • flexibility, as we wrap ourselves around your requirements, respond to your favourite methodology, the size of your team, your choice of engagement and pricing models,
  • a technology partner you can rely on with your project.

What are the benefits?

Ability to focus on your business and strategic issues while your outsourced team is responsible for project management, quality assurance and value delivery.

Ability to tackle your challenges, problems and business goals with a strong team of technology specialists.

Tangible results quickly without the worry of recruitment, training and development of outsourced team members.

Thanks to our agile approach, you can scale and flex as your business requirements change.

Seniority of our team

Levels of our engineers (years of experience)

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35% Senior (+5 years)
45% Medium (2-5 years)
20% Junior (<2 years)

Our Coding Practices

Every team follows our internal 'Best practices of software development' which include:


  • Coding standards​
  • Non-functional requirements levels​
  • Test strategy​
  • Acceptance testing

Common development process elements​

  • Peer code review​
  • Continuous Integration​
  • Version Control System​
  • Issue Tracker​
  • Automated testing (unless inefficient​)
  • Deployment automation
  • Infrastructure provisioning automation depending on project size

Depending on projects context and client needs, most teams also follow additional recommended practices, such as continuous delivery, high availability, modularity, architecture decision records, etc.

The most popular technologies with our clients

The Future Processing Way

The Future Processing Way

Our distinct way of working to ensure repeatable quality and predictable delivery

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Our focus is to deliver

Quick access to a team of developers who built two modules for an Enterprise Loans Platform.

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We delivered an experienced development team consisting of back- and frontend developers and a quality assurance expert. The team has helped to maintain the continuity of the 4finance services through minimised impact of individual incidents thanks to fast response and resolution times. Since the beginning of our support and maintenance service, 4Finance have seen high availability of its services.


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