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Software services for NGOs

We are an experienced software development provider for non-profit organisations.

We understand that, as an NGO, your organisation faces a number of challenges, including those connected to funding, work efficiency, transparency and accountability, just to name a few.

We can support you in addressing these challenges. High level of technical expertise, individualised approach to each project and client, and exceptional quality of our solutions can result in a ground breaking system that will effectively support your organisational goals.

Here’s why we believe Future Processing would be
the right choice for you:

18 years of experience

in delivering software projects across multiple technology platforms, databases and tools

900 people

and a flexible partnership approach that means we complement your skills with dedicated and appropriately sized teams to deliver the project objective on-time and within budget

7 years

of experience working for global non-governmental organisations such as TechSoup, gaining valuable domain knowledge and supporting charities in fulfilling their missions

Recognised by the industry

transparent people-focused organisation that continuously invests in its staff to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations every time

To help you make the most of your software development, we can offer a number of services

Bespoke Application Development Services

To help you get what your organisation needs, we think beyond a simple statement of requirements and offer you support at all stages of the application lifecycle from requirements through design, test and implementation.

Cross-functional Services

You can benefit from our expert and in-depth analysis of your business problem. Our team has a broad range of expertise in a variety of fields and industries. That is why, we can provide you with complete solutions from analysis & design, development to the final software product, including its maintenance and support.

Analysis and Design

We believe that in order to deliver the best possible software it is necessary to create solutions connecting the three most important areas: the organisation’s goals, users’ needs and technology. Our Analysis and Design team will help you receive a well-suited software solution that will help you stand out in the crowd.

See the effects of our work for other clients:


Helping NGOs globally

We developed the technical solution for BRIDGE under the guidance of the stakeholders who created BRIDGE. BRIDGE is a system that assigns NGOs with a unique global identifier.

We de-duplicated data on the approximately 3.3 million non-profit organisations and identified approximately 540,000 duplicates, resulting in 2.7 million BRIDGE IDs in the system. Four main stakeholders were involved: GlobalGiving, GuideStar International, Foundation Center, and TechSoup.

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Helping NGOs distribute tech products and learning resources

Since 2010 we have been helping TechSoup on several projects which support their mission revolving around an effective access to technology for civil society organisations.

The projects we were involved in include TechSoup’s Network Platforms spanning 50 countries and – a service that streamlines worldwide philanthropy and simplifies the formal process of direct donations, among others.

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Helping NGOs distribute food

We created a bespoke solution for the management of goods in and goods out in FareShare warehouses. The newly created, cloud-based application offers many useful functionalities which will save time and help boost efficiency.

The solution will help FareShare in the day-to-day operations of their warehouses and reflect the way they operate, rather than require them to adjust their ways of working to a system.

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Helping NGOs improve staff engagement

We are aware that collaboration and communication are especially important drivers to any NGO. We can answer to that need thanks to Intra – our flagship SharePoint-based internal communication platform.

We developed Intra for our internal use to aggregate our knowledge assets, gather the most popular tools and deliver up-to-date information, however we believe it can be equally successful for the non-profit sector, where effective communication between volunteers and regular staff is of key importance.

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So what's working with Future Processing like?

Michał Szwarc,

Senior Director, Head of Global Operations, TechSoup

“Thanks to cooperation with Future Processing we didn’t have to recruit additional people and we could focus on developing our business. For that reason, outsourcing was a success, because in a short time we got a devoted team of experienced engineers.

We feel that we can rely on Future Processing to deliver the right solutions. We have worked together for many years and we do see tangible results. During our cooperation, Future Processing also came up with ideas which were well received in TechSoup.”

Shane T. Ward,

GuideStar International

“It was our pleasure working with the Future Processing team. We found their engineers to be technically proficient, engaging, and open to new ideas. The Future Processing team did an outstanding job managing the project and the final product met all of our expectations.

We would definitely work with Future Processing again and would recommend them to others as well.”

Steve Baker

Director, Quantiv Limited – consultant to FareShare

“One of the things we have valued about working with Future Processing is that we got the cost benefits of working with a nearshore provider, but we also had the benefits of a well-established team. You came in with known set technologies, you knew what you were doing, knew how your processes worked, how your management worked and how to run an agile process. This all meant we hit the ground running.

In terms of recommending Future Processing as a supplier, I would definitely say yes because so far we’ve been very happy with what has come out of the process and what’s come out of the team.”;

Jonathan Toomer,

Senior Director Global Data Services, TechSoup

“We really appreciate the technical skills. Also, the rate is competitive, but at the same time we get experienced, competent technical people. Another merit is the relationship that we have. It feels more like a partnership that has grown over the last few years.

What I like most about Future Processing is the combination of these things: a competitive rate within good technical skills, the ability to be flexible and being treated as a partner.”

John Hecklinger,

Chief Program Officer, Global Giving Foundation

“Future Processing was extremely responsive and professional. Very organized and everyone seemed impressed by the quality of work. We stayed pretty much on track the whole time, and the team brought very good intellectual and technical capacity to the project.

It seemed like you and your team genuinely took an interest in the project.”

Rachel Ledwith,

London Development Manager, FareShare London

“The system we are working on with Future Processing has got an amazing, intuitive user interface. Some of the processing that’s been put into it is much better than the way we have and it currently reflects the way we want to work – rather than us working around the system, the system works for us. And there’s lots of bells and whistles in terms of what I’ve seen and what it’s going to do for us, so we’re really excited to have it.”

Watch the video and find out more about a project aimed at helping with food distribution that we’ve developed and are currently implementing for our Client, FareShare

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