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Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and 3D technologies can be applied in almost any field. From retail, education, medicine to engineering, they can be used for product presentations, teaching new skills, treatment of phobias or for training employees in operating industrial machinery.

Who we are

Future Processing is an experienced IT services company specialising in solving business problems of industry leaders worldwide through the use of the latest technologies.

We pride ourselves in the high level of technical expertise and an individualised approach to each project which result in the highest quality of our solutions.

We offer interactive visualisation services using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies and real-time 3D which can take your organisation to the entirely new level of innovation.

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Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
3D Presentations

  • Stationary HMD Helmet (e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive)
  • Mobile HMD Helmet (e.g. Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard )
  • 3D video wall (e.g. video wall with a head tracking system)
  • CAVE (automatic virtual environment)

  • Dedicated AR camera with a display device (e.g. a Microsoft Surface tablet with an Intel® RealSense™ camera)
  • Standard AR or with support of ARCore, ARKit (e.g. smartphone/tablet)

  • MR HMD Helmet (e.g. Microsoft Hololens, Daqri Smart Glasses)

  • Web browser
  • Standalone application
  • Mobile application


Visualisation and simulations of industrial systems

Visualisation and simulations of industrial systems

Starting from the design stage, 3D presentation system can be used as a tool to visualise your factory and consider the ergonomics of the production line. The next stage of using modern visualisation technologies is to create easily accessible tools to keep the whole company in operation by implementing Mixed Reality technologies. It allows supervising the operation of machines using predictive maintenance systems, where an employee can interactively check the condition of each machine using a mobile device.

Training and examination of employees can also take place in a virtual work environment first and then on real devices. This is done using training applications in 3D environment and Mixed Reality, as well as through trainers and simulators.

product presentations
and user manuals

Product presentations and user manuals

Product presentations and user manuals can now be done in a completely new and engaging way using computer browsers/ mobile devices (showing objects in 3D), or Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies.

If you want to present your product as a 3D object, we can prepare a comprehensive solution in the form of an interactive 3D website or a dedicated application for a mobile device. Applications of this type allow presenting the product, its dimensions and configuration possibilities (e.g. colour change, padding, texture) in a dedicated environment, which allows the target audience to decide on purchase, or understand how to use the product. Should you wish to present your product in a real environment, it is possible with the use of Augmented Reality. The user can see your product in the real world in a 1:1 scale using their own mobile device. Such a product can be displayed on the floor, on a wall or other surfaces.

Product presentation can also be done in Virtual Reality environments which allow for visualisations of every product, from household appliances, through industrial machines to cars.

Service procedures
and training

Service procedures and training

The key element of the VR technology is conducting safe training on devices that may pose a threat to unqualified personnel.

Using HMD helmets (e.g. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) in a VR environment allows a trainee to perform tasks that they would have to perform on real equipment with no cost to health or machines in case of mistakes.

Beyond this, Augmented Reality systems can be used for training: a user operating a mobile device or an advanced HDM helmet (Hololens) learns how the device works and what steps should be taken to get it started.

The technology also allows creating an advanced system for solving common service problems. The AR system detects the geometry and recognises the device. A service technician will then be able to choose the problem from the list and the system, based on Artificial Intelligence, will indicate the most likely solution of the problem and visualise the troubleshooting procedure.



Heavy-duty machines and cabin machines need a hybrid solution that combines the physical device and presentation environment (either in the form of a stereoscopic 3D image or a full VR environment).

The solution to this requirement are trainers/simulators The operator of a crane or mining machine is trained in such an environment, allowing them to make mistakes and learn without risking injury to themselves, other people or the environment.

The trainer (simulator) itself is built on a real control system integrated with the visualisation system, and additionally also with movable elements allowing simulating the behaviour of the real device (platform 6DOF, force feedback).


Senior Director - Head of Global Operations,
Thanks to cooperation with Future Processing we didn’t have to recruit additional people and we could focus on developing our business. For that reason, outsourcing was a success, because in
a short time we got a devoted team of experienced engineers. We feel that we can rely on Future Processing to deliver the right solutions. We have worked together for many years and we do see
tangible results. During our cooperation, Future Processing also came up with ideas which were well received in TechSoup.

IT Director,
We’ve been working with Future Processing for five years and absolutely they’ve become a part of our team, the cooperation is seamless. We’ve undertaken and successfully delivered projects we simply couldn’t have tackled with our own employees, within shorter timeframes than we could ever have dreamed of. Future Processing’s staff has directly liaised with our customers, and been seen as an extension of our own team. I’d recommend them at any time.

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