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Smart City

Smart city is an innovative city of the future, one that listens to its citizens and naturally adapts to their needs, raising the level and comfort of their everyday life, using modern tools.

In other words, it is a place where the use of technology can offer better working condition, smarter habitat, facilitating not only everyday lives, but also the environment.

Using IT and communication technologies, fundamental to city of the future, citizens, authorities and businesses communicate within their smart city, enabled by an easy access to information.

Multidimensional cooperation using the latest technologies is the very foundation for sustainable development not only of the city, but also of the entire country.

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7 in 10

people will live in Smart Cities by 2050


of adult Polish citizens feel safer if the public space in which they are present is monitored


of EU’s energy is consumed within the cities


Introducing intelligent system of controlling street lamps in public spaces could bring a 35% energy saving to cities


The cost of water consumption increased by 145% in Poland in the last 14 years


of the total traffic in cities consists of drivers looking for a parking space

Our experience with intelligent technologies include:



  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Intelligent Parking
  • Passenger Information System
  • Ticketing Systems and City Cards
  • Fee Management
  • Security Monitoring

Our Client – Parkeon

We are a key partner of Parkeon – a major player in the urban mobility industry that supplies a wide and unique range of parking management and public transport ticketing solutions worldwide.

As part of our long-term cooperation we’ve been involved with all of these. For example, in Helsinki, we have successfully implemented a comprehensive transport system which processes about 2 million daily transactions and supports 6,500 devices.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision

  • Intelligent Urban Monitoring
  • Intelligent Video Analysis
  • Life Protection
  • Preventing Vandalism
  • Security of Buildings and Property

Our Product – CIVICO

Thanks to CIVICO we are able to replace traditional monitoring system with Smart Surveillance System, detecting potentially dangerous behaviours, e.g. presence of individuals in forbidden zones or people lying down. The system independently detects defined events and raises an alarm for the operator who can now react much more quickly and in a greater percentage of cases, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the monitoring centers and security in the cities.

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Big Data/
Internet of things (IOT)

Big Data/Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Waterworks Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Analysis of Energy and Water Supplies
  • Optimization of Processes and Cost
  • Management of Abnormalities
  • Better Service Provided to Residents

Our Product – SmartFlow

Our experience with Smart City solutions encompasses working on SmartFlow – a solution that allows to monitor waterworks infrastructure parameters, enabling faster response to abnormalities, such as leakages in the monitored area. The software has also been designed to draw attention to the problem of limited resources of drinking water in the world.

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Smart city solutions have settled in cities for good

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We are a strategic partner of Microsoft in every city

We have signed a strategic partnership with Microsoft to support their CityNext initiative. Thanks to this, our IT solutions for the healthcare sector, intelligent water supply systems and others will find their place in Microsoft’s portfolio of Smart City solutions.

CityNext aims to empower municipal authorities in optimising the management of the city to become more efficient, safer, healthier and more educated. The initiative also aims for the cities to be able to provide inhabitants with more sustainable places to live and work.

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