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The Future Processing Way

The Future Processing Way is our unique approach to delivering consulting services and the best software for our clients which we have evolved since 2000.


It is our own distinct way of working, a combination of methods, tools and behaviours which helps our clients achieve great results through our partnership.


The Future Processing Way describes what you as a client can expect from us in terms of the way we work and is based on 5 pillars.


Business & technical expertise

At Future Processing we are experts at delivering robust, quality and sustainable software. With our long technological heritage, we support our development teams by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and constant development.

Through access to specialists in Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Cloud, Security, Data Solutions and other areas, our teams have means to take a broad approach to your business problem.


“Expertise – that is very clear. You will always have people who might not measure out 100%, but in general the technical expertise Future Processing have provided us has been very high quality. That is important to us, and part of that is innovation.

I always found that working with good agencies allows the in-house team to develop themselves: What’s the emerging tech? How can you do this better? What can you do to push the boundaries a bit more? Skills transfer is so, so important.”

Future Processing Datapharm collaboration

Arif Govani

Chief Digital Officer, Datapharm

Predictable & high-quality delivery

From Delivery Success Indicators, through Best Practices of Software Development to the highly specialised role of a Development Team Leader, our mature mechanisms guarantee tangible results.

Our approach to high-quality software right the first time means we will deliver, our services will be efficient, and you will be protected from unnecessary risk and reputational damage. This gives you peace of mind while making commitments to your stakeholders and when taking dynamic business decisions.


40 technical experts, with an average of 13 years of experience

88 Delivery Success Indicators

a set of KPIs which help our qualified and experienced project managers efficiently monitor all projects

over 60 Analysis & Design experts

who will help you transform an idea into a user-centered product


Average attrition rate in 2023 – this figure is less than the average for the Polish IT sector (12%)


Trustworthy partnership

Are you looking for a supplier? Well, that’s not us. We see our clients as partners and feel responsible for the projects we run together.


In practice, this means transparent, open communication and visibility of problems as soon as they arise. We are proactive, not afraid to ask questions, and suggest improvements. So, expect to be challenged – with the best interest of your project in mind.

Net Promoter Score
on a scale from -100 to +100, a result deemed excellent for the IT sector 
-100 0 100 63
17 17 years is our longest collaboration with one client
36 that's how many clients have been with us for more than three years

Operational agility

We are adaptable. Over the last two decades, we have perfected our ability to adjust ourselves to you, taking a per-project approach and finding an optimal collaboration model that works for everyone.

Our scale allows us to respond to your favourite methodology, the size of your team, and your choice of engagement and pricing models. The goal is to adjust to your business, not the other way around.


“Future Processing has been a great partner and I’m not saying that just because. I’ve seen some fantastic staff who were very talented, coming on to projects, that really helped me shape, drive, and run new services for the sector.”

Paul van Haver

Vice President, Global Data Services at TechSoup

Strong Work Ethic

We value honesty and, integrity – with clients, colleagues and the wider community. We believe in transparency, open communication and playing fair, and our clients often underline that this human approach to business is what makes us special.

Being ethical and fair is key to us in all aspects of our existence.

“Future Processing provides talented, knowledgeable teams who do more than just implement against a specification. They are a true partner engaging with the purpose of the software being developed and taking genuine ownership of the quality and design of what they implement.

(…) Working with Future Processing doesn’t feel like working with a third-party outsourcer, we see them as a part of our team. I would not hesitate to recommend companies to work with Future Processing on their challenging, technology-focused projects.”

David Moller

Director of Development, Dynama

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