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How to optimise a smart city?

date: 2 March 2017
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The very term ‘smart city’ is not a secret anymore. Most people recognise it and associate it with connectivity between modern solutions. However, how to make the most of them?

Gartner claims that by 2019 all of us – citizens of metropolises will be sharing their personal data with smart solutions around us.

With this imminent connection between the city and its inhabitants, city authorities should first focus on the following three steps in order to optimise a smart city.

Interaction, Deduction, and Action.

Interaction with citizens is crucial to building a city of their dreams.

Citizens’ opinions help to recognise problems and dangers and, for this reason, authorities ought to gather the data citizens send in voluntarily via their smart devices. Data may come from various sources – multiple towns choose to communicate via chatbots or devices like virtual assistants (e.g. Amazon Echo). Additionally, authorities decide to install sensors and IoT devices around towns to collect the precious data.

Thanks to this information, city councils can start thinking about potential, smart improvements.

In the deduction phase, the data is examined in order to implement possible changes. It is also the time to pick smart city solutions that are most likely to enhance the life in the city.

The data gathered allows to draw conclusions and share them with citizens. Changes can also be made based on their suggestions. Not only does it increase citizens’ feeling of importance, it also strengthens their connection with the hometown.

Lastly, city authorities put their announcements into action. Examples from around the globe may seem simple, however they are ingenious.

Smart lamps in areas considered to be dangerous to increase people’s safety, smart parking facilities that shorten the time spent on looking for free spaces in bigger cities, smart traffic lights to loosen the congestion that makes a commuting a painstaking job.

As you can clearly see, connectivity unlocks the interaction between the city and its citizens making life in the metropolis that much easier. By simply stating your opinion, you can have an unimaginable influence on the place you and your family live in.

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