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Case Studies

Within 24 years of our experience, we have worked for over 200 global clients helping them grow and digitally transform their organisation.

Mike Hayball
Chief Technical Officer at Feedback Medical Ltd
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Paul van Haver
Chief Solutions Officer and Vice President at TechSoup
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Enhancing the architecture of an application that enables over 20 million invoices to be processed each day
Achieving time savings of 83% and taking crucial steps towards full digital transformation
A seamless migration and 72% cost reduction, within a 20-day timescale
Decreasing the lead time for changes from 2 months to 1 day and saving 50% of the client’s cloud costs
Updating the software which led to a 45% increase in customers willing to make purchases on the website
Core management system development and a go-live with 0 critical defects
Partnering with the largest independent broadcaster in the UK to develop an ad management platform
Streamlining IT systems transition that led to cost optimisation and enhanced data accessibility
MD Group
Creation of a new claims management system with data migration of tens of thousands of transactions within around 1400 claims
Holistic technology consulting and delivery that resulted in uncovering an opportunity for a 40% cost cut in year one alone
Helping the business grow thanks to executing a growth plan – a year earlier than assumed
Completing the project takeover which saved 12-18 months’ worth of work
Proactively creating AWS Cloud saving plans for the client who now saves up to 50% a month
Driving client's revenue growth with a new product: AI tool that cuts legal documents comparison from months to six weeks
Technology consulting and software development to improve company’s products
A strategic workshop that helped the client kickstart the high-tech business
A seamless integration of a software product – 3 weeks ahead of schedule
Working on the development of a modern, user-friendly, high-quality application
food delivery company
Almost 192 000 new subscribers and the development speed increased up to 4 times thanks to our work
Developing the first EU-regulated blockchain exchange and cutting digital asset handling time from days to minutes
Design and development of one of CoCoNet’s flagship online banking products
Supporting development of a tech solution predicted to double Elisity's revenue and client base in a year
Uncovering technical and business opportunities to scale an energy optimisation system a thousand times
Helping to develop medical imaging software used in hospitals, universities and laboratories worldwide
Guiding our client from a problem to a tested solution in just 5 days
Providing business and technology consulting services and delivering cutting-edge technological solutions
Cloud-based app for warehouses decreasing product input time by 1/3
Boosting the capabilities in managing advanced software development and delivering enhanced digital products
Supporting the development of a solution for time management and periodic assessment of doctors
Conducting an in-depth audit of seven applications used by 2-3k users at Volkswagen
Enhancing business analyst skills through bespoke training
Delivery of new features and acting as client’s technical consultant for frontend and automated testing
A custom system to support a carsharing service built from scratch allowing up to 60% drop in process costs
Consulting on design, optimisation, and functionalities of an ML-based chatbot solution
Delivering complex and highly personalised projects that allowed Zest to expand their business
Bespoke software solution which saves up to 250 hours of work for department heads
Creating a microservice that caters for up to 30,000 events per minute, enabling our client to run metric reports and draw conclusions
Facilitating growth and optimising business processes with SharePoint Online
Creating a complete system that deduplicated the data of approximately 3.3 million non-profit organisations
Opening new revenue streams for PEI thanks to web platform development and CRM migration
Supporting the development of a system that recovers £850 million for the taxpayer per year
Cloud-based, innovative brokerage application to compare loan and mortgage offers
Leveraging the potential of the application by increasing its capacity, making it more user-friendly and accelerating its performance by nearly 90%.
Migrating a core legacy system that ensured uninterrupted core business operations
Working on an application used by 13,000 self-employed barristers in England and Wales
Implementing an advanced analytics system which collects data from 61,7 mln daily readings
Allowing the switch from paper to electronic publications and greatly reducing operating costs
Fantastic Present cover
AI-driven end-to-end service saved weeks of work, enabling over 700 votes for more than 530 NGOs
Extending the functionality of the platform, allowing CONNECTS to deliver new modules to clients
Application audit with a migration plan and suggestions for architectural improvement
In-depth analysis and development of a bespoke platform that increased Etisoft’s sales potential
Development of a web application, used by a high-profile client from the defence sector
Leveraging data, cloud, and Machine Learning for an engaging urban green project
Development of a Europe-wide bespoke system enhancing operational processes
Helping in digital transformation which led to UK Power doubling its business
Working on applications used by the biggest taxi companies in the country
Developing an application that eased the everyday work of bus drivers across Denmark
Working on an innovative, fixed income data aggregation and market surveillance tool
Seamless transition to a web application, saving costs and simplifying processes
Allowing 4finance to maintain operational continuity and building modules for an Enterprise Loans Platform
Working on a state-of-the-art platform that reaches about 1.5 billion unique devices monthly
Working on a project on behalf of Google and Microsoft to enable social change in the NGO sector
Developing software components used in 10,000 buses in the UK  and 5,000 buses in Sydney
A web app that boosted Solid's competitive edge and won acclaim in the Norwegian market
Evaluating solution quality for one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers
Implementing a blockchain-based system which aims to revolutionise the financial industry
Developing the only system in the world calculating the Residual Steel Lifetime
Developing mobile applications for various branches of the Norwegian IT market
User Experience consultancy to make the most of the possibilities that new technologies bring
Delivering high-quality results while working on an application with a user base of over 225k
Helping Screenmedia develop innovative services and provide the best value to its clients
Customisable software to support self-evaluation of teachers as part of schools’ inspection regime in Scotland
Delivering a SharePoint portal allowing Barlow to effectively manage several hundred projects
Delivering software providing triathletes with the most optimal and adaptive training plan
Enabling Polish taxpayers to easily and quickly submit their tax declarations to the Ministry of Finance system
Reducing paperwork and automating processes thanks to five intranet modules
Enhancing PACT's sales performance and management thanks to Data Warehouse implementation
Designing and developing an application for the execution and settlement of financial transactions
Enhancing the software's functionality by implementing new features and modifications
Delivering a Cloud-based tool which increased organisational efficiency
Delivering rapid, high-quality results to help KMD meet the digital needs of modern societies
Consultancy and bespoke web portal allowing for better control of utility usage
Providing iSite with a new system which is less code-dependent with much better usability
Using a variety of leading-edge cloud technologies to help an innovative employee benefits provider
Enabling UK's leader in health and social care to accelerate the introduction of new products
Greatly reducing the need for manual work thanks to a new software solution