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Enhancing the software's functionality by implementing new features and modifications

Executive Summary

Challenge: Mediahaus needed a technology partner to add new features and improve the existing system to guarantee its highest quality.

Approach: We analysed the project and provided consultancy on the best tools to ensure the highest efficiency of our collaboration. We adjusted the client’s user stories to the UI requirements.

Result: The client’s system used to create brochures digitally was significantly improved, enhancing the quality and ensuring that Mediahaus offers services of the best quality.

Table of Contents

About the client

MEDIAHAUS are experts for professional media management solutions.

They combine know-how from the areas of the agency, photo and film, e-commerce, media management, packaging and printing & logistics to create holistic solutions that advance their customers.

They adjust the customers’ individual wishes to the requirements of the market. Focusing on their clients, MEDIAHAUS offers clear added value and a head start in a constantly changing market.

Business challenge

MEDIAHAUS follows a future-oriented approach. To make sure that they offer the best quality service the company wanted to develop the already existing software further used to create brochures digitally.

The company decided to engage an IT partner who will extend their in-house team and add new features and improve the existing elements of the system. All to guarantee its highest quality.

We joined the project as a team of two developers (front-end and back-end) and a team leader. The team was also backed by a client’s in-house UX engineer.

We collaborated remotely, the communication and efficiency were on the highest level and resulted in the quality product that met client’s needs.

Our first cooperation with Future Processing was a complete success in many respects! Having started with a personal exchange to get to know everyone who is participated in the project team, the project ran easily and comfortable. After defining all tasks needed, Future Processing estimated the time and costs for us to plan the run of the project.

The communication between developers and between team leader and project manager from Future Processing and MEDIAHAUS was kind, simple and successful. In conclusion, we are really happy with the decision for the cooperation and in consequence the success of this project – and willing to do another project with Future Processing.

Elke Harking
Project Manager, MEDIAHAUS

Our role

We received the project backlog at the very beginning of the development and estimated it using the Story Points concept, which helps to eliminate human weakness in direct time estimations, by using complexity estimations with relative approach.

Basing on the first two weeks performance and previous Story Points estimation, we were able to predict costs and timeline for the rest of the project. Together with the client, we defined the final scope, time frame and costs of development. Although working in Time and Material model we did not only stick to these frames but delivered even more than was expected within the accepted budget.

Furthermore, using the Story Points based estimations our team leader suggested and implemented a set of helpful tools including the Kanban board, daily meetings and timeboxing that helped guarantee the high efficiency of collaboration.

The whole project was run 100% remotely with amazing communication and smooth flow of documentation. We knew and understood the client’s requirements, business goals and user needs. MEDIAHAUS designed the business idea of the system and defined user stories while our front-end developer took part in adjusting it to the UI requirements and design.

Main benefits of our partnership

The whole project lasted over two months during which we delivered new features and changes that effectively improved the software.

All this was done in a friendly atmosphere and with people engaged in the project working as one team. We served as the software development partner and technical expert who provided team members to the existing in-house team and let the client quickly adjust their product to new business goals.

Main benefits of our partnership are:

  • client’s first nearshored project delivered on time, within the budget and according to the requirements,
  • access to specialists with needed competencies including software development and user interface design,
  • gaining a trustworthy software development partner ready to take part in the development of future projects.

Our collaboration with MEDIAHAUS was very fruitful. In a rather small team and in short time we delivered a lot of new features and improvements. Despite the necessity to limit our meetings to the online ones due to COVID-19 pandemic, the communication with the client and within the team was perfect.

All the requirements and tasks were well defined, the client quickly answered all our questions and fixed problems with the infrastructure. These, as well as the possibility to directly contact the client, positively influenced the whole collaboration and its results.

Jarosław Wachowicz
Team Leader, Future Processing

Technologies used in the project

Looking to the future

We are currently talking about working together on other projects related to both, the system we helped develop as well as the other ones.