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Generative AI Workshop

Discover what Generative AI can do for your unique business thanks to our comprehensive and concise, 4-hour workshop.

Generative AI workshop
Generative AI workshop
Generative AI workshop

AI solutions have the potential to revolutionise product development, enhance user experiences, and streamline operations while boosting overall performance. According to a Gartner’s poll, 55% of businesses are already in piloting or production mode with GenAI – this is where the tech world is heading.

Whether you want to start leveraging GenAI or innovate your existing solutions, our experts will guide you and help you discover the potential applications of GenAI in your specific business environment. You will overcome challenges and identify potential cost and time savings with a dedicated AI strategy.

Generative AI can support your business in:

  • Business process analysis
  • Data transfer and data integration
  • Data formatting and standardisation
  • Reporting automation
  • Informed decision making
  • Optimising working time
  • Automating manual, repetitive tasks
  • Customer services
  • Market data analysis

Generative AI Workshop

Our bespoke GenAI Exploration Workshop lasts 4 hours and is designed to deliver maximum value in the shortest possible time.

It can be leveraged by companies at any stage of AI familiarity. Whether you have already started your AI-driven journey or need support in taking the first step – we offer deep insights into enhancing your business processes through GenAI.

Our workshop builds awareness about AI solutions and how they can be applied within your unique business environment.

Generative AI Workshop

What will you get?

  • Comprehensive understanding of what GenAI is and how it can be applied within your business context
  • Specific recommendations for enhancing and automating your processes, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency of employees, and improving customer services and your clients’ satisfaction
  • Decision-making support – you will get more information on whether and how much to invest in GenAI solutions to leverage their power in the most effective way possible
  • Understanding of specific benefits that GenAI can bring to your organisation

GenAI Exploration Workshop Process

Generative AI Workshop process

Our success stories

Generative AI Workshop success story

Making a business AI-ready

AI Workshop allowed us to identify necessary steps before implementing AI

Result: We conducted a workshop for a client who approached us with a plan to develop an AI-based platform only to realise that implementing AI was impossible at that time. Because of the status quo of the client’s internal processes and systems, the results would be far from what they envisioned. We agreed on taking a step back and creating a new roadmap, which included data cleaning and Cloud modernisation before moving on to AI.

Generative AI Workshop reduction in time success story

Process and cost optimisation

50% reduction in time required for NDA verification

Result: Because a high volume of NDAs needs to be analysed and verified on a regular basis, we leveraged AI to optimise the process. Our custom solution reduces the time needed to analyse an NDA contract by at least 50%. Although reading the contract itself is still mandatory, the AI-generated answers already provide an initial analysis of the document. It is also immediately clear which points in the contract need special attention.

Generative AI Workshop success story automating manual tasks

Process and cost optimisation

Automating 100% of manual tasks worth $80k USD a year in just a couple of weeks

Result: Our client had to do a lot of manual labour each year in order to feed their search platform with data from their partners. This was a time-consuming, costly, and inefficient process. Our solution automated 100% of manual work. GenAI helped us prove to our partner that tasks done by many individuals worth $80,000 USD a year can be automated in just a couple of weeks of engineering work.

Generative AI Workshop success story classification of comments

Process and cost optimisation

20% of time saved and 30% automation in the classification of comments in an employee survey

Result: We used AI to automatically classify anonymised responses to open-ended questions from an employee survey. This process allows to accurately draw valid conclusions and track changes in the perception of the company over the years. We automatically classified around 30% of all comments in the survey, which saves around 20% of time spent on analysing the survey by the dedicated working group. It is a good starting point for the tests in this area in the future.

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