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Digital Transformation for the Finance Sector

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, having a reliable tech partner is not a luxury, but a necessity.

With an impressive track record spanning 24 years, we’ve partnered with over 200 global clients, facilitating their digital transformation.

With a strong focus on innovation, we leverage automation and data-driven insights to deliver robust, scalable, and secure solutions. From design and development of applications that facilitate financial transactions to the implementation of blockchain-based systems, we’ve got you covered.

24 years of experience working for the Finance sector

Our experience
in the Finance vertical

We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for leading financial institutions across the globe. These include developing a cutting-edge loan and mortgage comparison application, implementing borderless crypto finance through a blockchain system, and assisting in the creation of the desktop version of a flagship online banking product. We've also been involved in crafting an Enterprise Loans Platform and developing a high-quality, user-friendly application to streamline banking processes.

Our expertise in digital transformation has found resonance with startups pushing the boundaries of financial technology, traditional banking institutions seeking to modernise their systems, and large-scale financial enterprises aiming to streamline their operations.

Future Processing - a tech partner you can trust

As an experienced tech partner for the Finance sector, we can assist you with:

  • design thinking and strategy workshop aimed at infrastructure planning and enhancing customer experience,

  • complex data cleaning and data migration,

  • migration and modernisation of your legacy core systems,

  • creating solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and microservices,

  • enhancing security to protect your data and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations,

  • improving operational efficiency through better quality, accessibility and cost efficiency of your applications,

  • automatisation of routine tasks, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives.


Successful Digitalisation for Finance

The Finance industry is facing rapid digitalisation. To achieve your full potential and stay up-to-date you need to focus on innovative, competitive solutions. At Future Processing we monitor the most effective technology for the industry. We are here to help you with applying it in your business reality.

With $16 billions of funded programme and growing at 40% per year, Demica’s award-winning platform is recognised as the market leader in the working capital finance sector.

Future Processing has been a valuable partner to our in-house technology team as we built the platform to realise our vision to transform how working capital is financed. Delivering top-notch solutions in an agile manner, other Future Processing’s customers can expect a reliable and responsive team.

Kishore Patel CTO, Demica
We have had the pleasure to work with an excellent team that helped us implement the security solution along our product suite.

Future Processing was able to help us on a technical field where we lack experience and we can recommend such a collaboration for companies in a similar situation.

Björn Hassing CTO, CoCoNet
We have looked at our product from a different perspective, taken time to rethink some solutions.

With Future Processing come up with new ideas that will help our customers. We were positively surprised by the time and power that were dedicated to mPay. In the process of cooperation, we were able to recognise our pros and cons. Somewhat we can name it as a fresh start.

Maciej Orzechowski CEO, mPay
All actions related were conducted in a timely and upright manner characterised by appropriate quality and acuteness.

The company possesses professional resources in terms of highly qualified specialists in the fields of business processes and user needs research. Owing to ongoing process experience with Future Processing we highly recommend it as a solid partner to implement any IT projects.

Thomas Felber CTO, Smart Valor
Future Processing are very much like an extension of our own team.

It has helped us make huge strides on our solutions and to achieve a core system that we can depend on and base our business on moving forwards as part of our strategy.

Richard Egginton Head of Development, Marston Holdings

Success stories in the Finance sector

A commercial banking company:

Co-creating a new solution for the customer service department

Challenge: improving the existing processes and building new software – comprehensive, easier to maintain, and responding to the bank’s and customers’ needs.

Result: expanding the bank’s offer in accordance with the existing development strategy. The solutions we co-create have been integrated with the complex structures of banking systems.

A Swiss brokerage start-up:

Creating an innovative web app to compare mortgage offers from various banks

Challenge: enabling collaboration between banks and bringing a significant paradigm shift in the financial sector, especially in the Swiss market, where offer comparison engines do not exist.

Result: creating the first module of the web application, which is a PoC of a professional offer comparison engine based on the Cloud and can be presented to potential clients and partners. It is tackling a great deal of data, with an additional visionary module enabling banks to collaborate and share their best offers with each other.

Market-leading provider of working capital solutions:

Building the world’s first multi-product working capital finance platform

Challenge: creating a flexible platform that will process millions of invoices a day being financed through different financial structures by hundreds of different banks.

Result: enhancing the platform with an improved architecture that enables over 20 million invoices to be processed each day, as it scales both horizontally and vertically. Advanced rules engine algorithms drive preferred outcomes, such as higher advance rates or optimal risk distribution outcomes. While a significantly improved graphical user interface reduces transaction implementation time from weeks to hours.

Owner of an app-based security token:

Enabling secure authentication of financial transactions with a smartphone

Challenge: new legal requirements – a two-factor authentication for all electronic payments caused a short development time for the new product.

Result: developing a new product including working out the product’s requirements, designing the architecture, security measures, development, and testing of the new product in just five months. The created app supports secure authentication of financial operations without additional devices and fulfills security requirements such as PSD2 and EBICS standards.

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